Official 2024 Indianapolis Home Show!


Company Description:

At Kayak Pools, we are not your average pool company; we are the Cadillac of the swimming pool industry and have been since 1958 when we installed our 1st Kayak Award Winning Pool. We are one of the largest manufacturers and retailers of swimming pools in the country delivering luxury and excellence in every dip.

Our commitment goes far beyond creating durable, virtually maintenance-free pools. Our goal is to create your personal backyard oasis. Come explore the world of Kayak Pools, where quality meets leisure, turning every swim into a memorable experience, for years and years to come.

Remember, we are one of the only companies that offers a pool you can:

-Put All the Way in the Ground
-Half Way in the Ground
-On Top of the Ground

You decide!

Show Specials:

Be one of the first customers for the 2024 swim season by signing up at the Indianapolis Home Show to become a Demo Homesite and save thousands of $$$ on a new pool!

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