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4 Surprising Benefits of Owning a Pool

Most people dream of having a big, beautiful pool in the backyard. Besides being a great way to get a tan, there are many benefits to owning a swimming pool. If you’ve considered owning a pool, this swim season is a great time to make the leap and purchase your first one. You, your family, and friends will reap myriad benefits for years to come.

Health and Fitness

Swimming is one of the best and easiest ways to maintain fitness in the summer. If you have a pool, you won’t need to rely on the gym or schedule the rest of your time around fitness classes. Even if you can’t swim, there are tons of fun and exciting pool games you can play to burn off calories, build muscle, and give your body extra endorphins. With those endorphins pumping through your system, you’ll be less bored and restless during the day, and less likely to turn to snacking for relief.

Quality Time with Family and Friends

Today, most families are very busy and spend their time running from place to place. Parents are inundated with work, and kids often go straight from school to several hours’ worth of Pool Benefitsextracurricular activities. At home, everyone is anxious to unwind, and they do so with computers, tablets, and cell phones. However, a pool gets everyone out of the house and participating in something active. It lets families bond without distractions and opens the door for more entertainment opportunities. With a pool, you and your family will likely spend more time with friends and neighbors, strengthening your bonds.

Improved Sleep

One surprising benefit of owning a pool is that it makes it easier to get your kids to bed on time. Many parents struggle with this in the summer because school routines are out of the picture. Kids stay up later, are more reluctant to go to bed, and become crankier in the mornings. However, playing in the pool all day will tire them out, so they’ll look forward to bedtime. They may also sleep longer and deeper, improving their overall health.

Staycation Possibilities

Most families love going on summer vacations but wonder where the money will come from. If your budget is tight, or even if it isn’t, a pool is a great reason to stay home and create a family staycation. Use the pool as the epicenter of activity, and come up with other creative ideas, such as taking up a new sport or diving into a new book series on the deck or veranda.