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Safety. Convenience. Peace of mind. You already know that each Kayak pool is built from the ground up to be the only swimming pool you will ever need. Or ever want.

That’s why these features come standard with every Kayak pool:

But did you know there are additional Kayak swimming pool parts and accessories that can add comfort, convenience and additional layers of safety to your existing swimming pool? Check out the list below to see what’s available to improve your pool performance and safety.

Kayak Pool Covers

One of the best ways to ensure swimming pool safety is to install a swimming pool safety cover. By covering the pool when it’s not being used, you can prevent accidents from occurring. Never leave young children unattended.


Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

Specifically designed to fit our Kayak Pools, our above ground winter pool cover is perfect for keeping your pool clean and dirt-free during the winter months.

Kayak Pools’ durable winter pool cover features heavy-duty tarp tabs at four feet intervals, which effectively align with your swimming pool’s posts. They also have heavy-duty water bag loops at the same intervals which set them apart from competing products.

Our winter pool cover is non-corrosive, non-abrasive and reinforced. To give round pools the maximum protection, our round above ground winter pool cover features a three foot overlap. Depending on which model you choose for your Kayak Pool, warranties range from six to twelve years.

Important note: The winter cover is to be positioned so that the black side is facing down and the blue side facing up.

FROG® System Water Balancing and Treatment

The FROG® System is a giant leap in pool care. With a FROG® auto-chlorinator, your pool water will look and feel better without a lot of work or a lot of chlorine! The minerals destroy bacteria and help keep the pH in a safe range while reducing chlorine use. The end result is softer water that has an added sparkle.

Using your test kit (included in the maintenance package) and your FROG® cycler, you can maintain the ideal water balance chemistry, more easily than you ever thought possible!

AutoPilot® Salt System

Imagine never having to buy, store, or even handle chemical chlorine again—and saying goodbye to occasional red eyes, faded swimwear, and the itchy, flaky skin often associated with an over-chlorinated pool.

Integrated into your existing Kayak pump system, the AutoPilot salt system operates whenever the pump is on. Ordinary salt (sodium chloride) is added to the swimming pool. The salt circulates through the generator and is broken down through a process called electrolysis—instantly creating chorine that is pumped back into the swimming pool water. The chlorine in water eventually turns back into salt, and is reprocessed again and again!


AquaCal Heat Pumps: Smart Choice for Your Budget and the Environment

Save energy and money while keeping your pool water at just the right temperature. These energy saving pumps transfer heat from the air rather than creating heat at a fraction of the cost of gas and electric powered heat pumps. A smart choice in heating your Kayak pool!

AquaCal Heat Pump Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled with digital display – Accurate, easy-to-read time and temperature settings and microprocessor controlled defrost cycle.
  • Thermalink Titanium heat exchanger – Heats water faster and more efficiently and has a lifetime warranty.
  • Scroll Compressor – Quiet operation with unsurpassed reliability and superior durability.
  • Aquatop – Cover keeps components free of leaves and debris.
  • Corrosion Proof Cabinet – Rust proof, fade proof and impact resistant.
  • Dual Row Coated Evaporator Coil on H155 – Features more heating power and wider operating range.
  • Electrical Hook-Ups – Available from both sides.
  • Off-Set Planning – Easy installation.

For questions or additional information about your salt system or heat pump click here.

To speak to an authorized Kayak Pools Midwest parts and accessories representative, please call 800.31.KAYAK ext. 600 (800.315.2925 ext. 600).

The entire experience, from consultation to installation, was wonderful and efficient. I can only imagine the difficulties in coordinating all the necessary tasks to install a kayak pool in the age of COVID-19. They did an exemplary job. I would highly recommend a Kayak pool to anyone thinking of getting a pool in the future.

Brett Bunker

I love this pool! Very happy with our purchase and I am confident we will enjoy it for many years to come. Thank you Kayak! Best thing that happened at our home in 2020.

AWP 123

Kayak Swimming pools are beautiful, durable, easy to order, easy to finance and are installed in just 1 day! From order to installation took 2 months (during Covid-19; may have been quicker without unforeseen delays.) Customer service is top of the line. I was able to communicate easily through every step via email and phone... Read More

Sonia Hillyer

Great Pool. Great service. in- depth review before the sale. each step of the process was Clear. delivery and Install crew were professional. Install was less than a day. And cleaned up. Our kids and Grand-kids have enjoyed our Pool for 2 seasons now. Highly recommend this company for your new pool needs.

Tim Snider

I never thought it would be so difficult to find a replicable pool company that provides not only quality work; but exceptional customer service until we found Kayak Pools Midwest. Our experience with Kayak Pools has been fantastic from day one! If we had any questions or concerns along the way, the Kayak team was... Read More

Perdita Terry

We just had our Kayak pool installed, it was delayed because of Covid, it was well worth the wait, John and his crew were great installing the pool, took like 6 hours and they cleaned up everything and explained everything we had to do, Lesley and Tammy were their to answer all our questions, looking... Read More

Barb Pfaff

I had my pool installed with Kayak at the end of last summer. I am absolutely impressed with how the installation process went! Great communication and steps for the installation preparation were clearly provided. Once the pool pieces were delivered and they came out to get it installed, it was done and ready to go... Read More

Kristel Sims