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You can save thousands of dollars just by becoming a demo homesite! All you have to do is share how awesome your Kayak Pool is with other interested families. Sound simple enough? Sign up to be a part of our Demo Homesite Program.

Our pools are virtually maintenance free due to our advanced three-way filtration system.

When thinking about buying a pool, we think the top 4 things to consider are 1) budget, 2) style, 3) size, and 4) value. Read more!

There are several different types of pools available. Above ground pools are less expensive, moveable and great for small lots while inground pools are more expensive and permanent. Consider the type of yard you have, your budget and the size.

All pools, whether they are above or inground, require controlled access. This means that privacy fences, gates or an electric safety cover are needed. It is best to check with your home owners association to see if there are any additional requirements. Electric covers serve as a safety feature as well as help with maintaining the pool’s cleanliness and serves as a solar cover and a winter cover.

When deciding to install a pool, you have to think about how much of your yard will be used for your pool. While there is not a standard pool-to-yard ratio, it helps to think about how close you would like the pool to be in location to your home. A swimming pool that is closer to your house let’s you have easier access and is better for supervising your children. A survey of your property may be needed to check for location of septic tanks or any other underground hazards.  Pools should be installed away from all trees.