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Pool Decks & Fences


When you choose a Kayak pool, you are investing in more than a half-century of dedication to making backyard vacations the very best they can be. An above ground pool from Kayak Pools Midwest represents pool technology you can’t beat, and a value you won’t believe!
swimming pool decks


Kayak pool decks are beautiful and easy to install!

Each slip-resistant swimming pool deck is constructed of interlocking panels of extruded aluminum. Deck panels are electrostatically bonded with slip-resistant paint, then anchored into the pool wall structure and fence. The result is a virtually indestructible, safe surface that is available in any number of configurations. None of the rust, maintenance or hassle of wooden decking. Learn more about the Kayak Pool Deck Configurations.

swimming pool fences


While the pool deck can be customized for a variety of configurations, the fence simply is what it is — a sturdy aluminum barrier surrounding your entire swimming pool.

Our aluminum pool fences, when used in conjunction with our swing-up safety ladders, help to prevent children and pets from accidentally entering the pool. Made of the same high-strength extruded aluminum found in the pool frame, walls and decks, our swimming pool fence features 36 inch-high railings, and pickets spaced 4 inches apart – perfect spacing for keeping little ones safe around the swimming pool. Rust proof, rot proof – our fences are built to stand the test of time.

swimming pool safety ladders


Lightweight, sturdy and completely adjustable, our above ground pool ladders feature a locking device for added security and peace of mind.

Built from structural aluminum, this is one pool ladder you’ll truly appreciate as your family grows. It tilts easily upward onto the pool deck and can be locked when not in use, making access difficult, if not impossible, for adventurous children and curious pets.

swimming pool steel ladders


Time and time again, year after year, our in-pool ladders support you every step of the way.

That’s because our stainless steel pool ladder features extra-wide non-slip rungs for comfort and balance, as well as a heavy-duty 1.9 inch hand rail for added safety. What’s more, our stainless steel pool ladder won’t ever rust, can be easily moved, and carries virtually any bodyweight load!