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Backyard Vacations For Over 50 Years

The most advanced swimming pool designs, outstanding customer service, expert installation, and a 30-year warranty that’s unmatched in the industry. Since 1958, these have been the calling cards for America’s leader in above ground swimming pools—genuine Kayak swimming pools.

It’s a tradition we take very seriously. Based in Indianapolis since 1994, Kayak Pools Midwest has delivered backyard vacations to over 4,000 locations throughout America’s heartland. That’s about 20 years of satisfied Kayak swimming pool owners in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri and Kansas.



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Service That Reaches Your Own Backyard

The Kayak Pools Midwest pool selection process includes sales, service, installation and financing. Our swimming pool consultations and backyard surveys are completely free to any homeowner in the areas we serve. And since we’re with you every step of the way, no question goes unanswered. Our focus is your satisfaction—your complete happiness with your swimming pool and the backyard vacation it represents! Call now to speak to a live representative at 800.31.KAYAK (800.315.2925).


Got Pool? Get News!

Pool Talk is Kayak Pools Midwest’s informational newsletter—a fun, free, valuable seasonal bulletin that helps you make the most of your backyard vacation. Brimming with money-saving offers, fun facts, poolside recipes, swimming pool articles, healthy swimming tips and more, Pool Talk is the simple, seasonal way to stay in the know about all things Kayak pools.

By filling out our webform on our Contact page, you will receive the Kayak Pools Midwest e-newsletter. You’ll look forward to receiving this e-mail bulletin every month!


Budgets, Backyards And Pool Financing

Just one phone call—combined with an on-site survey and swimming pool consultation—can help you find the pool that’s right for you. That means there’s never been a better time to call a Kayak Pools Midwest representative. No answering services here—actual living human beings are ready to answer your questions and help you decide which pool is right for you based on your individual needs, budget and backyard space.

What’s more, our finance department has all the resources necessary to find the perfect pool loan for you. This free service “frees” you up to seek out the perfect swimming pool. With a combination of low interest rates and favorable repayment terms, there’s never been a better time to own a genuine Kayak swimming pool.

Call (800) 315-2925 and ask for the financing department!


Save Thousands! Become a Virtual Demo Homesite!

Our legendary Demo Homesite program is a great way to save thousands of $$$. Here’s how it works:

Simply agree to show off your award-winning Kayak above ground swimming pool for one season, virtually. That’s it! No in person meetings necessary. We’ll arrange a pre-set limited number of appointments throughout the season for other prospective customers to come and see your pool!

Many of our satisfied pool buyers actually SEE a Kayak swimming pool for the first time through this program—it’s no wonder they agree to become Demo Homesites themselves!

Kayak Pool owners can’t say enough about their swimming pools. By being a part of the Demo Homesite program from the start, new pool owners can save up to $4,000 dollars off the cost of their pool.

Call 800.31.KAYAK (800.315.2925) and ask for more information on the virtual Demo Homesite program—we’d be happy to tell you more!


I just wanted to tell you that we had a kayak pool for years and we loved it when we were younger and then we moved and had no way to move the pool so we sold it. The people we sold it to still has it and they love it. Your people make a ... Read More

Johanna McCoon

We love our Kayak Pool! We have three kids and they love it. If you don't have a pool you should go with a Kayak Pool.

Jennifer Capling

This is a testimonial to courteous and very efficient crew who came and installed our pool. This crew in particular was from out of state and needed to be home by Friday but came on Wednesday late and Thursday morning, then had a long drive home. With this in min, they still took the time... Read More

The Smedley Family

I just wanted to let Kayak know that their installation crew is truly an asset to your company. I have had many dealing with sub-contractors, some of which were absolutely dreadful. It was truly a pleasure to have this crew install out pool and I would highly recommend them to anyone. As for the Kayak... Read More

Donald Gravis

We decided to try and move our pool in one piece. We pulled it down a dirt road, through thick bushes and trees and over railroad tracks. We finally made it home and a crane lifter the pool up and put it in place. Now we're sitting back and enjoying our wonderful Kayak Pool. When... Read More

The Toner Family

We got a really bad storm and ended up losing our landscaping. The water level was up to the deck on our pool but the amazing thing is that it never moved nor did the pump, which was completely covered in water. This is quite the feat seeing as the water was flowing very fast.... Read More

C. Peaul

We recently purchased a Kayak pool from your company and I am writing this letter to tell you some things that you probably already know. Your pool is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I can't say that enough. From the moment the filter pumps were turned on, it has been a beautiful thing because they work superbly.... Read More

Mr. & Mrs. Perlson

We purchased a kayak pool last fall and LOVE IT! We have added on to the deck and moved our hot tub next to the pool to make it our summer rec area! Our yard has become the hit of the neighborhood! Thanks Kayak!

Roger Behnke

We had our pool installed on 16th of August. They started it on the 13th but the coping and deck braces were not sent. We contacted Kayak and told them we wanted the same crew who started it to finish it. They were from Peru, IL. Shawn and his crew were proficient and answered every... Read More

J. Malley

We had our pool installed a few weeks ago and we love it! The installation team was amazing. They were fast and really fun to watch. We love our new pool and I would recommend Kayak to anyone. I am so happy to see how great the water looks every day and I really love... Read More

Mandy Ossman

Your pool is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I can't say that enough. From the moment the filter and pump were turned on, it has been a beautiful thing because they work superbly. This is what we expected because we researched "pools" before calling you folks and we understood Kayak Pools® to be "of the best". The... Read More

The Perlsons

"The best decision and purchase I've ever made. So easy to maintain, for me it just seconds to change frog bac pac. I think I vacuumed it only once and that was with the Diver Dave auto cleaner. Very simple. Can't wait to open this year. If you're thinking about getting one, don't think twice... Read More

Cindy Perdue

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