Recessed pools are not as common as in ground or above ground options, but they are just as viable. With a recessed pool you can see the cost savings of an above ground pool with the aesthetic benefits of an in ground pool.



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Did you know that Kayak’s classic above ground swimming pool model can actually be recessed into the ground? Our second-to-none design, service and installation can customize your pool to fit an uneven landscape, or simply give you the effect of an inground swimming pool. 

Choosing a recessed pool does not mean you need to sacrifice quality. Our recessed pools are still constructed with top quality materials and are virtually maintenance free.

A Kayak Recessed Pool Features:

  • A strong, level foundation for the pool to rest
  • Baked on enamel finish that won’t rust or need repainting and stands up to being dug into the ground
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Three-way filtration system that makes your recessed pool virtually maintenance-free
  • Strong, safe, non-skid, maintenance-free, and attractive deck options
  • Safe, durable fence providing superior protection
  • Extruded aluminum walls with lifetime Waterwall warranty
  • Antibacterial liner material discourages fungus, mildew and algae growth
  • Proven passive solar heating features

Kayak Recessed Pool Configurations

The Kayak Pool is available in four different sizes to accommodate your family’s lifestyle and your home’s backyard.

The Kayak Pool is perfect for water sports, games, lounging, socializing and any other activity you will likely do in your pool. Additionally, the construction of this award-winning pool is stronger and more durable than any other shape out there on the market. That’s why we can put it on the ground, or in the ground! The Kayak Pool is available in the following sizes:

  • 12ft x 20ft
  • 12ft x 24ft
  • 16ft x 24ft
  • 16ft x 32ft

Kayak Midwest Pools can work with you to determine if a recessed pool is right for your backyard and what configuration of decking or patio will provide the best use of space. A pool specialist will come to you,do an on-site evaluation and help determine what configuration is right for your family, home, lifestyle and budget.



Shape and Pool Deck Configuration Options

Have a backyard that slopes? The Kayak Pool can integrate seamlessly with your home and landscape by recessing it into the ground. Finish it off with a stylish deck and other great custom features.

A Kayak recessed pool deck is not only functional, it’s safe and attractive as well! With a Kayak Pool, you have the option of a stylish gray or tan deck color, a T or L shape deck, and additional patio decking. The Kayak Pool is guaranteed to have a configuration for your lifestyle, backyard and budget!


Maintaining Your Recessed Pool

Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be a burden. Kayak makes it easy for you to care for your recessed pool so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it.


Eliminate the daily upkeep, cleaning and cost of chemicals with our Three-Way Filtration System. This advanced, dual bottom main drain and superior water wall skimmer filtration system cleans all water zones in your pool leaving it virtually bacteria free.


Advanced Pool Wall Technology

Rust proof, rot proof, energy efficient and very maintenance-friendly—our pool walls are strong, carry a lifetime guarantee, and are built to support just about anything you can dish out during years and years of happy backyard vacations.

The Kayak Pool Water Walls have exclusive, plastic core engineering with light weight and exceptional strength. That’s why we can recess the pool into the ground for a more integrated, attractive look. Furthermore, they are maintenance-free and impervious to weather and insects, and guaranteed to not rot or rust.


Features & Options for Your Above Ground Pool

Pool Heaters

The Kayak Pool’s advanced wall technology and proven passive solar heating features ensure that your recessed pool will retain warmth efficiently. Many Kayak Pool owners never need additional heating systems. However, extending the midwest swimming season is always welcome and our TropiCal T55 heating system comes packed with all the standard features. Our patented counter-flow water management system heats water faster and more efficiently so you can stay in the water later and longer.

Digital Sanitizing Salt System

Never buy chlorine for your pool.

Yes. You read that correctly. Be forever free of chlorine and chemicals by installing a salt system with your Kayak Pool. The AutoPilot Sanitizing System utilizes patented bypass manifold for optimum chlorine production. It’s healthier, more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. 



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Jennifer Capling

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The Smedley Family

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The Toner Family

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We recently purchased a Kayak pool from your company and I am writing this letter to tell you some things that you probably already know. Your pool is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I can't say that enough. From the moment the filter pumps were turned on, it has been a beautiful thing because they work superbly.... Read More

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