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For those of you who now enjoy your very own backyard vacation, this part of our website is entirely for you! You already know the long-term value, unbeatable quality and down right fun you’ve added to your life—this section sees to it that you have everything you need (and everything you may want in the future) at your fingertips!

The links and subsections within our current owners’ portal can open many doors for our customers. Need a Kayak swimming pool part? Looking for the latest swimming pool accessories? Looking for information on swimming pool repairs? You’ve come to the right place.

Here you have access to the “nuts and bolts” items and services you may need (or may come to desire) as a member of the Kayak Pools Midwest family. Things that add even greater value to your award-winning Kayak swimming pool, including swimming pool parts, swimming pool accessories, swimming pool repair and much, much more:

  • Kayak pool opening and pool closing services
  • Kayak above ground pool covers and solar covers
  • Kayak pool liner
  • Kayak heaters and filters
  • Kayak pool chemicals
  • FROG® Auto Chlorinator
  • Kayak pool pumps
  • Kayak pool ladders and stairs
  • Pool lighting and fountains
  • Swimming pool parts and repair

But there’s more! Here you will also find links to the latest offers, answers to frequently asked questions, testimonials from current pool owners, and information ranging from our referral program and repairs to all the right contact numbers you need to answer virtually any Kayak Pool question.




Call 1-(800) 382-SWIM (7946) ext. 600 or email us at [email protected].


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have tips for opening up a pool?

Yes! We recommend breaking out the process of opening your pool into 4 weekends. This will help make the process easier. Read the full article!

I’m going on vacation for a week. What can I do to keep my pool clean?

It is best to keep the water circulating while you are gone. This will help to keep the water clean. You can get a pump timers and automatic chlorinator that will help keep things clean and regulated. If this is not an option for you, you can ask a neighbor or family member to come by and check the chemicals and run the pump.

I just wanted to tell you that we had a kayak pool for years and we loved it when we were younger and then we moved and had no way to move the pool so we sold it. The people we sold it to still has it and they love it. Your people make a ... Read More

Johanna McCoon

We love our Kayak Pool! We have three kids and they love it. If you don't have a pool you should go with a Kayak Pool.

Jennifer Capling

´┐╝This is a testimonial to courteous and very efficient crew who came and installed our pool. This crew in particular was from out of state and needed to be home by Friday but came on Wednesday late and Thursday morning, then had a long drive home. With this in min, they still took the time... Read More

The Smedley Family

I just wanted to let Kayak know that their installation crew is truly an asset to your company. I have had many dealing with sub-contractors, some of which were absolutely dreadful. It was truly a pleasure to have this crew install out pool and I would highly recommend them to anyone. As for the Kayak... Read More

Donald Gravis

We decided to try and move our pool in one piece. We pulled it down a dirt road, through thick bushes and trees and over railroad tracks. We finally made it home and a crane lifter the pool up and put it in place. Now we're sitting back and enjoying our wonderful Kayak Pool. When... Read More

The Toner Family

We got a really bad storm and ended up losing our landscaping. The water level was up to the deck on our pool but the amazing thing is that it never moved nor did the pump, which was completely covered in water. This is quite the feat seeing as the water was flowing very fast.... Read More

C. Peaul

We recently purchased a Kayak pool from your company and I am writing this letter to tell you some things that you probably already know. Your pool is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I can't say that enough. From the moment the filter pumps were turned on, it has been a beautiful thing because they work superbly.... Read More

Mr. & Mrs. Perlson

We purchased a kayak pool last fall and LOVE IT! We have added on to the deck and moved our hot tub next to the pool to make it our summer rec area! Our yard has become the hit of the neighborhood! Thanks Kayak!

Roger Behnke

We had our pool installed on 16th of August. They started it on the 13th but the coping and deck braces were not sent. We contacted Kayak and told them we wanted the same crew who started it to finish it. They were from Peru, IL. Shawn and his crew were proficient and answered every... Read More

J. Malley

We had our pool installed a few weeks ago and we love it! The installation team was amazing. They were fast and really fun to watch. We love our new pool and I would recommend Kayak to anyone. I am so happy to see how great the water looks every day and I really love... Read More

Mandy Ossman

Your pool is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I can't say that enough. From the moment the filter and pump were turned on, it has been a beautiful thing because they work superbly. This is what we expected because we researched "pools" before calling you folks and we understood Kayak Pools® to be "of the best". The... Read More

The Perlsons

"The best decision and purchase I've ever made. So easy to maintain, for me it just seconds to change frog bac pac. I think I vacuumed it only once and that was with the Diver Dave auto cleaner. Very simple. Can't wait to open this year. If you're thinking about getting one, don't think twice... Read More

Cindy Perdue

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