5 Pool Accessories to Get Guests Buzzing

As summer approaches, it is time to get the pool ready for parties, play dates and pleasure. Cleaning your pool and balancing the chemicals in the water are important for making sure it is safe for use, but embellishing the surrounding area is sure to get guests talking. Personalizing your pool area with high-tech features and unique flair can make your backyard the favorite neighborhood hangout. These five pool accessories can amp up your style to impress all your summer guests.

Automation of Pool Features

One of the hottest trends seeping through every aspect of life is the addition of high-tech automation, and pools are no exception. Add automatic lighting, music, pumping and filtration settings to your pool that can be controlled from anywhere with an app on your cell phone. Configure your Google Home or Amazon Echo or Alexa to pull up your pool cover or adjust the pool temperature from the comfort of the indoors. Not only will this impress your guests, it will make life easier for you as well.

Poolside Fire Pits

Keep the pool party going well into the night with the warmth of a custom fire pit. Much like pools, fire pits are great for creating a sense of community to gather friends and family. Add some comfortable circular seating and grill features to encourage activity. The crackling glow from the fire pit can add a nice ambiance for romantic evenings or an added energy for lively parties.

Custom TilingInground Pools vs Above Ground Pools

Set your pool apart with unique tile settings. Think outside the box and go for colors other than the standard pool blue. Glass tiles come in a variety of colors and are popular for their modern look and functional qualities. Exotic prints and commissioned mosaics can add a distinctive look to your pool. Find furniture and decorations to complement the colors chosen for your pool to tie the whole pool area together.

In-Water Furniture

Combine the relaxation of a floating device with the convenience of a poolside lounger with in-water furniture. Some companies now offer UV-resistant furniture that can be placed on shallow pool ledges so you can work on your summer glow while cooling off. This is a great way to treat yourself and give your pool the feeling of a luxurious resort.

Baja Shelves

Another way to give your backyard a resort feel is by installing a ledge or Baja Shelf in your pool. These are shallow sections on one edge of the pool, usually less than one foot deep. Like in-water furniture, Baja shelves are a great way to lounge in the refreshing water without paddling or fully submerging yourself. They are also convenient if you have young children, pets or others who want to enjoy the benefits of the pool but are not capable of swimming safely.

These unique features are sure to add a lavish yet comfortable feel to your pool area that can transform your backyard into a dream oasis! Kids, adults and pets will be thankful for your imaginative additions. Give your backyard a boost and try some of these accessories this summer season.