5 Tips For A Better Pool Party

There’s not a whole lot that can top a pool party during a long, hot summer.

With the weather heating up, you may be thinking about planning your next pool party. When you think back to some of the parties you’ve gone to in the past, some have been good, others, not so much. Obviously no one wants to be the host of a bad pool party, so we’ve put together a few tips to make your pool party better. 

Serve awesome food


This should go without saying but we’ve been to plenty of pool parties where the main course was a plastic tray of cheese and crackers from the local grocery store along with some room temperature 2 liters of diet, caffeine-free root beer that might as well taste like seltzer water. No thank you. One of the best ways to make a pool party a hit is to put together a feast that would compete with any barbecue festival. Get together some great sides like fresh cole slaw, watermelon, and premium potato chips and knock it out of the park with slow cooked or barbecued meat. If you’re going the burger route, get some tasty buns, some real cheese, and some other fresh toppings to make that cookout meal great.

Play good music

You might be a huge Radiohead fan, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Pool parties are supposed to be upbeat and fun, so make sure your music matches that ambiance. Top 40 radio works great, ask does some classic rock or country. If you’re guests are a bit younger, you might throw in some hip-hop onto your playlist as well. Also, nix the cliché pool party music like the Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffett. We’ve heard enough of it by now.

Have a crystal clear pool

dirty pool

No one wants to jump into a pool that’s too cloudy to see the bottom. Makes sure that prior to your pool party, you maintain the right pH balance and clarity. Your guests will thank you. Don’t shock your pool an hour before your pool party starts either. Studies have shown that people whose eyes are red and stinging don’t have a much fun in a pool.

Have a dry area where people can relax

Obviously the whole point of swimming is to get wet and cool off, but some people want to enjoy a party without getting soaked. It’s a good idea to set aside an area of your backyard or patio that is far enough away from the pool where people won’t get splashed. Believe it or not, some people just want to be near a pool, but not in it.

Don’t take yourself or your pool too seriously


The last thing guests want to experience while at a pool party is a feeling that they really aren’t welcome or they can’t relax and enjoy the pool. Some party hosts feel the need to keep things “on schedule and moving along” or to explain all of their household rules to their guests. Beyond some basic safety guidelines and a rough idea of when the food will be ready, your guests don’t need a run down. If you still feel the need to give them one, perhaps someone else should host the party at their pool. Let people relax, have fun, and unwind.