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5 Tips To Make Pool Cleaning A Snap

Maintaining a healthy pool is the responsibility of every pool owner. You could hire someone to do it for you – but you could also use the following tips, ensuring your pool stays sparkling clean for the entire season.


1. Invest in Filtration

Invest in a great pool filtration system and you have a virtually maintenance-free swimming pool. Kayak Pools Midwest models feature a three-way filtration system that includes a dual drain system and a surface skimmer. The dual main bottom drains in conjunction with the skimmer promotes maximum water circulation at all times, ensuring pure, clean water.

2. Landscape Logically

Whether you have an above ground or in-ground pool, if certain pool-neighboring trees or plants produce a lot of debris, take action now to save you time later. Trim them back or remove them completely. If you’re considering adding shrubs or trees around the pool, go for an evergreen. The non-deciduous variety will minimize the debris that ends up in the water. Also be sure to avoid fruit trees and shrubs, and very fragrant flowers as they can attract bees.

3. Check Your Skimmer

Whenever you’re in the area, give your skimmer a glance. Getting in the habit of checking your pool skimmer out will ensure that it doesn’t get too full or clogged. The skimmer plays into the circulation of pool water. So for optimum circulation, keep it clear.

4. Utilize Your Cover

This seems obvious, but sometimes we get a little lazy or simply don’t want to roll out or take off the pool cover every day. By utilizing a pool cover, you will prevent excessive debris from getting into your pool and at the same time add another safety element. Want to take multitasking to the next level? Use a solar pool cover to help keep water warm, and to minimize water evaporation.

5. Balance Chemicals

While this tip requires more knowledge and effort than the previous ones, keeping up with chemical balance will make everything else fall into place. At the top of the chemical list is chlorine. Without chlorine, bacteria and algae would build up and thrive in a swimming pool. However, too much chlorine can be dangerous (sore, red eyes, anyone?). The pH level of pool water works in conjunction with chlorine. If the level is off, chlorine will not be as affective. Slightly alkaline water is best,so try to maintain a pH level of 7.2 to 7.5.