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5 Winter Safety Tips for Your Above Ground Pool

As winter approaches, people tend to retreat indoors to enjoy the warmth of a cozy fireplace, and homeowners often wonder what they can do to secure their above ground pools when they’re not using them.

You will want to make sure that you are keeping the pool safe for your family and pets as well as preventing it from getting damaged during the cold winter months. Here are five winter safety tips for your above ground pool.



When it gets colder, it’s time to winterize your above ground pool to keep it free from damage. You can do it yourself or contact your pool service company to winterize the pool for you. You’ll need to vacuum and brush the pool to get rid of debris, leaves and dirt, and adjust the pH to between 7.4 and 7.6. You’ll also need to adjust the pool’s total alkalinity as well as the calcium hardness. You or a pool specialist should also apply algae control and then shock the pool with extra chlorination.

Add a Cover

A cover is vital not only for helping to prevent access to your above ground pool during the winter, it helps protect the pool from dirt and falling debris. Higher quality pool covers have an underside that is colored black. Your swimming pool service contractor will be happy to come over and install the cover for you. Covers make everyone’s life easier, as they can reduce the effects of a harsh winter and decrease the need for service and repairs.

Remove Steps

Look around your backyard and remove any items that could be used as steps to climb into the pool or onto its cover. This can include lawn chairs, snack tables and crates. Move these items into your storage shed or basement for the winter, along with the pool’s ladder. This helps reduce the wear and tear of weather on your equipment and accessories.

Install a Safety Fence

A safety fence adds an extra measure of security to your above ground pool. Besides deterring both animals and any people from getting too close to the pool, most pool fencing is also easy to set-up and tear-down. It’s a great accessory to have on hand not only for the winter season, but even for warm weather when you’re away from your home for an extended period of time.

Put Locks on Your Gates

If you have only recently installed your above ground pool, you may not have remembered to put locks on the gates leading to your backyard. It’s important for you to always keep your gates locked to prevent unauthorized access to your pool. Keeping your gates locked also keeps stray animals from accessing your backyard and pool. This is especially critical during the winter, when you may not be monitoring your backyard as often. If you open the gate for a gardener or a utility meter reader, remember to secure it after he leaves.

With above ground pool ownership comes certain responsibilities. After you’ve acted to secure your pool and protect it from damage, you can relax and enjoy the winter festivities, dreaming about warmer months ahead when you’ll open your pool for the season.