8 Fun Pool Gadgets You’ll Want to Buy

Every year, retailers come out with innovative and water-friendly gadgets, toys, and accessories. From easy blow-up floats to full-face snorkels, we’ve listed some can’t-miss items that will take any pool experience to the next level.

The Pool Guarding Gator – Warn away birds and uninvited guests with this lifelike plastic alligator. It has three hinged body sections that create lifelike movement as it slithers through your pool. Its red LED lights can be set to flash or beam steadily.

SunTan Tub Lounge – Stay cool while you float in this one-person inflatable. The 70 x 46-inch float keeps you elevated, but when you fill the middle with water you can relax in a mini-pool all your own.

Poolside Rock Climbing Wall – This custom-made rock wall curves back over the pool. Climb as high as you can, and when wet, slippery hands make you fall off, you land in the deep end!pool gagets

Floating Backyard Movie Screen – Do backyard movie night right. Host it in your pool! This 110-inch Superior Screen supports front and rear projection. It includes a pump, a tarp, and a one-year warranty.

Swimline See-Saw Water Rocker – Playground meets pool when you buy this inflatable float. One rider sits on each side and the fun begins. There’s no need to worry about rocking too hard, because it only adds to the fun when someone falls in the water.

Spring Float Paddle Paws – Give your furry friend his own place to lounge in the water! This float for dogs has a reinforced hammock bed and durable fabric-covered inflation. It’s available in two sizes, so you can get the one that’s just right for your pet.

Splash and Play Wave Attack Inflatable Ride-On Pool Toy – This inflatable looks like a jet ski and features a squirt gun to soak friends and family. It has heavy-duty handles for added stability and safety.

Swimline Log Flume Water Joust Game – Battle it out in the pool! Contestants each try to keep their balance on their inflatable logs while bopping the other with inflatable four-foot jousts. The set comes with two logs and two jousts for twice the fun.

If your family has been wishing for a pool all summer, don’t wait any longer! Contact Kayak Pools today to find out how you can turn your backyard into family fun!