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Above Ground Pool Fences and Why Your Pool Shouldn’t Be Without

It’s a big commitment installing an above ground swimming pool and a decision that comes with some responsibility. It’s impossible to keep a cautious eye on the water 24/7, yet imperative that accidents are prevented from happening. Installing a Kayak fence and deck around your Kayak above ground swimming pool can offer you peace of mind when you’re away from home. Pool fences act as a protective barrier that provides a safe layer of protection with preventive features.

Kayak Fencing Features

Our aluminum swimming pool fences, when used with our swing-up safety ladders (also standard), help to prevent children and pets from accidentally entering the pool. Made of the same high-strength extruded aluminum found in the pool frame, walls and decks, our swimming pool fence features 36 inch-high railings and pickets spaced 4 inches apart—perfect spacing for keeping little ones safe in and around the swimming pool. Rust proof, rot proof—fence built to stand the test of time.


People that own pools are required to make sure that the pool and surrounding environment is safe. A step in that direction is to make sure you have a fully operational gate in place to keep people from entering the area without supervision. Most cities or neighborhoods have ordinances about protecting your swimming pool, so check with your community to make sure your above ground swimming pool is up to code.

We want you to get the most out of your Kayak above ground swimming pool without a lot of worry and headache. So make sure that you are keeping your loved ones and pool safe with a protective layer of a fence.