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Above-Ground vs. In-Ground Pools: Cost

Before you dive into your pool for the first time–there are many factors to consider about your backyard vacation investment.

When looking at the cost, it is important to consider that above ground pools tend to be much more affordable than in-ground pools. Installation and possible maintenance of an above ground pool will usually cost a fraction of what in-ground pools typically require. The price range for an in-ground pool can start around $45,000 and climb up to $160,000 depending on size, features, and options.



Before the installation of your above-ground pool there isn’t much to prepare for, save perhaps a bit of leveling and clearing of the space. When it comes to installing an in-ground pool, the preparation process is more involved.

To begin with, in most states you’ll have to acquire permits before any construction can begin. Then, many other resources will be required to prepare for the pool’s installation–probably a bulldozer, and dump trucks for debris removal. It’s not uncommon to have to blast (as in dynamite!) certain areas because of excessive buried rock. Because of the extra preparation needed for in-ground pools, the costs for this step usually run higher.


When it comes to an in-ground pool the prospective owner has his or her choice of certain materials, such as the liner. The cost difference between quality levels of the liner choices (vinyl, fiberglass, concrete) is thousands. Contrarily, all of Kayak’s above-ground pool walls are made with the same high-strength extruded aluminum. Our pool walls are both strong and durable–read more about this feature here.

Also, don’t forget that most states require a fence around swimming pools – this can be an extra expense that runs into the thousands. Luckily, all of Kayak’s above-ground pool options include a fence–meaning you have one less thing to worry about!


Kayak’s above-ground pools have a three-way filtration system–two main bottom drains and a skimmer work constantly to circulate and purify pool water. This filtration system makes our pools virtually maintenance-free and is a feature of all Kayak pools. On average, Kayak owners report vacuuming their pools twice a season.

It’s always important to keep chemicals balanced, and both aboveground and in-ground pool owners should consider this cost. Though because of its advanced filtration system, the Kayak aboveground pool is much less likely to suffer from any algae blooms or debris problems. An in-ground pool, however, may require more chemicals and shocking simply because of its size.

When installing an in-ground pool many sources recommend doubling your budgeted amount. That is, after all additional costs (deck, landscaping, fencing, etc.), the total cost of in-ground pool installation could run as much as twice the pool itself. Read more about how Kayak’s financing options work here.