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The Aluminum Advantage

4 reasons why aluminum is a strong choice for building your new pool!


Shopping for a backyard pool means weighing lots of options: above ground or inground? What shape? How deep? And what material is the right choice for construction? Inground and above ground pools can be manufactured with a whole variety of materials: concrete, resin, aluminum and steel are a few common options. Aluminum, in particular, offers several advantages.


  1. Aluminum stands up to the elements

Your pool will come into contact with weather 24/7/365. Aluminum won’t rust like steel. In fact, as it’s exposed to the air, aluminum develops a transparent layer of aluminum oxide, which helps resist corrosion.


  1. Aluminum can handle cold weather.

Aluminum actually gets stronger in cold temperatures, so if you’re in a cooler climate, it’s a great choice for your pool. Resin pools, by comparison, can become brittle in cold temperatures.


  1. Aluminum is flexible and light.

Aluminum is an especially good choice for an above ground pool because it’s relatively lightweight compared to its strength—much lighter than steel. That means it’s easy to manage for assembly, and disassembly, if you ever need to move your pool.


  1. Aluminum walls can be designed for strength.

When you picture an aluminum pool, you might imagine something thin-walled, with sides prone to collapse. But properly designed and built, aluminum walls can be tough, solid and durable—strong enough to let swimmers jump off the sides (within the limits of safety, of course) and stand up to a lifetime of fun summers.