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Back to School? Enjoy Your Pool with This Bash

Maybe you’re starting your pool closing efforts, but much of the country is in the midst of a heat wave. While you’re enjoying hotter than normal temps this summer, consider throwing a back-to-school party for the neighborhood. This will help kids make the transition back into their studies and let people feel like they can enjoy summer a little longer. Here are a few tips to make sure your party is one for the books.

Choose the Right Date

Check your weather forecast for extreme heat or inclement weather. Have a primary and a “rain” date in mind. Pick a day and time with fewer reasons for your guests to say no, like weekends or evenings after work, and make sure to check when schools start. Friends in another district might already be in school if you plan for a last weekend of the summer bash.

Send InvitationsPoolside cookouts

Be sure to invite everyone. Create an event on Facebook and make it public if you want them to invite other friends. You can send out paper invitations, as well. Match it to your party’s theme for an added touch. Be sure to include parents in the invitation.

Theme Your Party

Need help decorating? Choose a theme and take to the internet for help on décor and food. For luaus, give guests flower leis, encourage them to wear Hawaiian shirts, and light up your yard with tiki torches. Pro tip: add some citronella torches if bugs like to invade your yard. Beach parties use similar décor. Add some beach towels, play Beach Boys music, and use seashells to get that perfect beach feeling for your party.

Stock Up

Make sure you have extra supplies, like sunblock, towels, and cheap sunglasses. Prepare plenty of cold water and cups for a hot day and party snacks for guests to enjoy throughout the day.  Toss out noodles, water rafts, and pool toys so your guests have lots to do. Encourage your guests to bring their own activities, as well.

Plan Some Fun

Don’t let your party flounder. Have a plan for some fun games for all ages. Liven up your party with a quick game of Marco Polo, a water volleyball match, or an all-out water fight. Set up an outdoor theater with your pool as seating for a fun evening experience.

Cook Out

Toss some burgers, hot dogs, or vegetarian alternatives on the grill along with some shucked corn and peppers for a great meal to feed your guests. Ask your guests to bring side dishes or snacks, too.