Buying a Pool – Is Now The Right Time?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about buying a pool for a while, but find yourself waffling on the issue. Perhaps you keep finding reasons to put it off, summer after summer. Read on to learn why a pool is a valuable investment, and why the time to buy is now, including end of season specials and adding value to your home.

Home Fitness

Swimmer or not, everyone can get a good workout in a pool. Walking or jogging in the water are a low-impact, simple exercise to build endurance. Using water weights or pool noodles allows you to exercise in ways that are easier on your joints. Aerobic exercises in water can transform your body while you relieve stress and have fun.

Family Timekayak 9

 Having a pool right outside your door adds several opportunities for your family to spend time together. Playing games, exercising together, or just relaxing in the water bring your family closer to each other. A day of fun in the water also helps your kids fall asleep at night, leaving some extra time for parents to enjoy each other’s company. And if you’re planning a “staycation,” what better way to add enjoyment to your destination than a pool?

 Communal activities

Pools are people magnets and a great way to bring your community together. Celebrate a birthday, enjoy some holiday fun, throw a themed party for your adult friends, or just give your kids and their friends a safe place to have fun where you can keep an eye on them. Best of all, electronics do not mix well with water.


Public pools and water parks present unique problems to guests. From overcrowding to health risks, they become less attractive over time. The CDC warned that they found fecal contamination in 58% of public pools. Avoid the health risks of public pools, and the stressful crowds, by installing your own pool. Now you can have a quiet place to hang out with the family, have fun with friends, or just enjoy a relaxing swim by yourself.

Home Value

Swimming pools cost a lot up front, even in an economy where pools have become much more affordable. However, a pool adds appeal to your home, attracting buyers that might otherwise look elsewhere. A pool could increase your resale value as much as 5%. Boost your return on investment by shopping around, particularly during end-of-season sales events.