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Chlorine. Like Magic!

Imagine never having to buy, store, or even handle chemical chlorine again-and saying goodbye to occasional red eyes, faded swimwear, and the itchy, flaky skin often associated with an over-chlorinated pool.

Sound too good to be true? Then you’ve not heard about salt chlorine generators-the automated, built-in way to turn ordinary salt into a constant low level supply of chlorine for your in ground or above ground pool.

Traditionally, chlorine generators (such as the AutoPilot system from Kayak Pools Midwest) are integrated into your existing pump system, and operate whenever the pump is on. Ordinary salt (sodium chloride) is added to the swimming pool. The salt circulates through the generator and is broken down through a process called electrolysis-instantly creating chorine that is pumped back into the swimming pool water. The chlorine in water eventually turns back into salt, and is reprocessed again and again.

This process maintains a constant, low level of chlorine and salt water in the swimming pool at all times-preventing the growth of algae. Typically, the level of salt water in parts per million is so low that it’s virtually unnoticeable, and gives swimmers the added benefit of swimming pool water that irritates the eyes less, won’t fade swimwear or interact with hair coloring, and generally feels better on the skin-with no residual flaky residue or itchiness often associated with a chemically chlorinated pool.

And, since the only added ingredient is salt, there’s no more buying, storing and handling of chemical chlorine. Maintenance is simple; simply balance your pool water as you normally would, and clean the chlorine generator element as recommended by the chlorine generator manufacturer.

The savings adds up, the chlorination process becomes automated, and you and your family swim in pool water that’s easier on the eyes, skin, hair, and swimwear.