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Choosing The Best Pool Deck

From safety to aesthetic appeal, a deck is a crucial component to any above-ground swimming pool landscape. But what material should you choose? Wood may have a more nostalgic, traditional feeling; but it might not be the best choice for your family’s pool needs.



The difference in maintenance work between Kayak’s extruded aluminum deck and wood decks is vast, and could really make or break the pool owning experience.

A wooden deck is guaranteed to rot, warp and bend–it’s just a matter of time. Not to mention, termites love damp areas – but they of course love wood even more! It’s easy to see change in non-pool decks as they are exposed to rain and snow over the years, so imagine years of weather wear in addition to pool exposure and the possibility of termites. You could end up replacing sections as needed. Additional work could include constantly cleaning your deck, applying special treatments to the wood, and using termite pesticide around the deck and pool – but why do that when you should be enjoying your pool?

Luckily, Kayak’s decks are virtually indestructible and are made to last a lifetime. There is essentially no upkeep with these special extruded aluminum constructions – no rust, no rot, no warping. It truly is as simple as that.


We’ve touched on termites a little already but need to mention that you can forget about any flowers or vegetation with a wood deck. Vegetation traps moisture and will encourage termite activity – and mold growth. Also, to keep your wood looking nice, staining and coating is inevitable as wood is very prone to color change.

With a Kayak aluminum pool deck, you won’t face any of these problems. With Kayak’s pool deck, you can landscape and place vegetation to your desire without any worry of mold, termites or damage.


Wood pool decks are very susceptible to splinters and slipperiness. To have any element of traction on a wood pool deck, you will absolutely have to treat the wood, or utilize poolside mats or other more permanent traction accessories. Another safety issue is stability–a rotten board that is bearing weight could not only be dangerous, but also require other portions of the deck to be repaired.

You will not encounter these safety problems with Kayak’s extruded aluminum decking. Our interlocking deck panels are electrostatically bonded with slip-resistant paint, giving you peace-of-mind…and a long-lasting, safe surface.


While finding affordable materials for a wood pool deck isn’t quite a challenge, maintaining one is, and that’s where costs will really add up. From special coatings to make wood less slippery to replacing individual planks to refinishing, the maintenance of a wood pool deck is never-ending. For an aluminum pool deck such as Kayak’s, the only guaranteed cost is initial investment–there will be no chipping, cracking or peeling to fix, and nothing to repaint! The only work you’ll have to do is find a great lounge chair to enjoy your pool view!