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Choosing the Right Storage for Your Above Ground Pool

You love your outdoor above ground swimming pool, but hate the clutter that piles up after the swimming fun ends. Towels, inflatable toys, floats, pool chemicals, pumps, hoses and other accessories can clutter up the area and be unsafe to young kids and pets playing in the yard.

To be a responsible pool owner, store your pool items in a safe and secure manner. You have many options when choosing a type of storage space or container. Pick the one that works best for you and your budget.


Storage Sheds

Storage sheds work out well as a place to keep your pool supplies and accessories. It allows you to store things without cluttering up your own home, and the storage shed may be placed close enough to your above ground pool so that it is a short distance to get what you need. Most people have storage sheds if they have enough room on their property to place on. You can decide to construct one yourself, hire a professional to build one, or even have a pre-fabricated one delivered. Always get one that you can lock.

One disadvantage of using a storage shed is that it needs to be dry and rodent-proof. So check old sheds for cracks along the wooden boards or foundation where pests and moisture can get in. If you are storing fertilizers, paints, grease, gasoline or other flammable liquids in the shed, it’s advisable that you do not store pool chemicals next to these liquids.


Outbuildings such as garages are another good place to store pool supplies if you don’t have the room on your property for a storage shed. Again, you should keep pool chemicals separate from other chemicals, although many garages are large enough to store all your liquids in different places.

While you will be able to lock your garage to keep people from getting inside from the outside, young children and other family members may be able to access the garage through another door attached to your home. If this is the case, place pool chemicals and other items that you don’t want young hands to get into on a high shelf or locked metal cabinet. Pool accessories such as toys and towels can be placed on a shelf low enough for children to reach.

Storage Rooms and Containers

Storage rooms and containers are a great way to keep pumps, hoses and accessories safe and dry inside your home. All you need to do is keep it locked until summer arrives for some pool fun. The room should be cool and dry, so make sure to adjust the thermostat so the room doesn’t get too hot.

Be careful when storing chemicals in a container or room. Store related chemicals together and keep chlorine products away from other chlorine products. This will prevent any accidental mixing of chemicals in case of a leak. Also, don’t stack other heavy objects on the container that can cause the lid to buckle in and cause a possible spill.

With Planning, You Will Have The Perfect Above Ground Pool Area

With a bit of planning and careful consideration, you can store all your products, toys and pool accessories in a safe and secure place for you, your friends and your family. Keep the above ground pool area free of objects that can cause accidents by having the proper storage area.