Consider These Popular Swimming Pool Shapes

Swimming pools can feature traditional square designs or curve and meander around a property in a more natural flow. Homeowners choose pool shapes based on budget and stylistic preferences. If it’s going to be close to the house, pool shape should complement your home’s architecture. Pools set away from the home in the yard can take on a more freeform shape to work around landscaping.

Before you resign yourself to a basic oval, square, or circle, consider these options.

Rectangle – This is one of the most common shapes in pool design. A long, rectangular pool gives your landscape a formal look. Rectangular pools give plenty of room to swim laps and fit most yards. Update this shape by rounding the corners instead of making them a sharp 90 degrees.

Square – A square pool surrounded by a square deck attached to a square spa or fountain brings repetition and geometry to your yard.

Oval – If sharp-edged geometry isn’t your thing, an oval pool has softer lines and may be a better fit for your space.Pool Shape

Kidney-shaped – This shape is like a long oval with an indentation on one side, and allows you to work around yard features. Kidney-shaped pools look more like a natural part of the environment. They provide an easy-to-see division between deep and shallow end. Homeowners often place fountains, landscaping or decking in the indented space.

Freeform – This pool can be any shape. It’s curvy, with edges that flow around your landscaping and architecture.

L-shaped – One of the benefits of an L-shaped pool is that it provides room for one group to swim laps and another separate area for swimmers who want to relax and play. This shape is wider at one end, so your yard has space for other things. A lazy L shape is similar, with one long rectangle and a section to one side that includes steps.

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