Cool, Swimming Pool-Friendly Tech Toys for Dads

If you’re looking for a fun gift for the dad in your life, look no further than your backyard swimming pool for ideas. These days, there are tons of gadgets out there to delight tech-loving dads who also happen to enjoy an afternoon lounging in the pool. Here are a few gift ideas to get you started.

Robotic pool vacuum

No dad wants to spend his whole summer fishing debris out of the pool. The answer: a robotic pool vacuum. This gizmo looks like something out of “Star Wars,” and it quickly devours all the detritus that collects in the pool. The user just has to place the vacuum in the water and let it work its magic. Depending on the model, the machine will clean the pool floor, walls, waterline and even the steps—all while Dad relaxes with his favorite poolside beverage.

Automatic pool cover

If you’d rather prevent debris from collecting in the first place, consider an automatic pool cover. With the mere push of a button, Dad can roll out the cover—which, in addition to helping to keep the pool clean, also offers an extra measure of safety for families with young children. And when it’s time to swim, an automated cover makes quick work of uncovering the water for a day of fun.

Wireless waterproof Bluetooth speaker

For dads who love to rock out, a little music can make a day at the pool even more enjoyable. Rather than hauling out that ancient boombox again, consider a waterproof speaker that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Your favorite dad will be able to cue up all his favorite playlists, and some versions even feature waterproof microphones that allow the user to answer calls—so he’ll never be out of touch, even on the water.

Remote control floating drink caddy

The dad who loves his kitchen gadgets is sure to appreciate this innovation. Stock a floating caddy with drinks and snacks, and then place it in the pool. Hand Dad the remote, and let him pilot the beverages over to his inflatable raft when he gets parched. He’ll love never having to leave the pool to grab a drink, and you won’t miss those wet footprints he tends to track into the kitchen.

Waterproof gaming tables

For dads who love to play games, consider a pool-friendly game table. There are numerous options available, including ping-pong, card tables and even pool. Yes, that’s right—he’ll be able to play pool, in the pool. And for many dads, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Portable UV light monitor

For dads concerned about protecting their skin—or their kids’—a portable gadget to check the intensity of the sun’s rays can be a fun way to assess UV exposure. These devices are generally easy to use and small enough to throw in a pool bag. Of course, it’s still always important to wear sunscreen, but a UV monitor can help serve as a visual reminder to step into the shade from time to time.

These are just a few ideas of gifts for the tech-loving dad in your life. There are tons of options out there, so do your homework—and enjoy the delight on your loved one’s face as he enjoys using his cool, high-tech pool toy.