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Cozy Up to Autumn with These Outdoor Décor Tips

Your backyard should be your paradise, no matter the time of year. From making DIY pumpkin planters to building a cozy fire pit for chilly autumn nights, the options are endless. Read on for tips about fall decorating and how to make your backyard space cozy enough to enjoy all season long.

Pumpkins Galore

Pumpkins come in various colors that make beautiful decorations you can mix with your plants and structural features. Pile them in a planter for an eclectic piece you can set on your porch or along your sidewalk. Carve them out to make a unique planter for some seasonal plants.

Mixed Gourdspumpkins

Why limit yourself to pumpkins? Grab some squash and zucchini to go with your pumpkins and line your pathway or steps. Transform your porch with a shelf display. Use a variety of sizes and colors to create a splash of color you will love coming home to.

Dried Corn

You can add a variety of color and texture to any location with a few ears of Indian corn. Hang them from hooks along the edge of your porch or against a wall over your deck. An arrangement on your door gives you a unique alternative to traditional door décor.

Outdoor Terrariums

Stage your favorite natural elements under a bell jar to create a fall-inspired terrarium that stands out as table centerpiece. Pumpkins, small branches with leaves, and pinecones are just a few pieces you can put on display.

Sketched Pumpkins

For a twist on the carved pumpkin, try sketching designs on the side. Stencil or sketch a leaf pattern all around the sides, then grab a linoleum cutter or similar tool to scrape out the designs. Mind your depth so your design stays fresher longer.

Backyard Getaway

Refresh your outdoor space with fall-themed accessories. Change out the pillows, add some mums or other seasonal plants, and mix in a few gourds. Go a step further and change your furniture cushions to match the season.

Gourd Candle Holders

Candle centerpieces are a simple way to liven up a holiday table. Cut off the tops of small gourds and hollow out the center to create the perfect candleholder. Add some other natural elements for a simple, yet stunning piece.

Fall Wheelbarrow

Take your porch decorations further with an old wheelbarrow filled with fall elements. Mix leaves, sticks, and a variety of gourds to craft a vibrant piece that stands out. Decorate some larger gourds with a welcome greeting for your guests. Add artificial berries around the edges to add a splash of stunning color.