Craziest Things Ever Found in Swimming Pools

Any pool owner will tell you a story about a wayward frog or small creature that has become trapped in their pool. However, sometimes the stories go far beyond what you’d expect. Pool owners, real estate agents, and other unsuspecting people have found a plethora of unusual or just plain weird things in swimming pools.

Large Animals

Although frogs, toads, and fish are common pool visitors, larger animals often get stuck in pools, too. During a 2014 swim meet, for example, a cow fell into a pool full of competing swimmers. No one was hurt, but it took a while to get the confused and startled cow out of the pool. Bovines are not the only animals to get stuck in pools, either. Elk and deer often do because they are attracted to the water. However, they don’t see that a pool, unlike a pond or lake, doesn’t have a sloping entry. Large animals use pool steps by instinct, but don’t know how to get out. Pool owners are encouraged to use sturdy fences to prevent animals from entering their pools.

Crocodilescraziest things found in swimming pools

Crocodiles are also attracted to swimming pools, especially in states like Florida. In recent years, a Pennsylvania couple who had recently bought a Florida home discovered an 8-foot crocodile “chilling” in their backyard pool. Sometimes crocs will slip out of the pool on their own and crawl back into more hospitable waters. However, never try to remove one yourself; call the local police or Animal Control. Use a pool cover to discourage reptilian visitors.


Yes, it is possible to find a car or other vehicle in your pool. This recently happened in a scenario involving a couple of Cypress, TX teenagers who took a joyride in 2014. The driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed it into a neighbor’s pool. Fortunately, the pool kept the car from hitting the neighbor’s house, and tragedy was averted for the teenagers as well.


Some pool owners, like an Ontario woman who chose to remain anonymous, have found trespassers in their pool areas. The woman returned home from errands to find an 18-year-old man skinny dipping in her pool – after helping himself to her shower and the contents of her fridge. Trespassing often happens when someone is drunk or under the influence of drugs, so always call the police in these situations. Keep your pool’s gates or fences locked when you aren’t home.