Got Calcium Build-Up? Fix It For Free!

There are two quick and virtually painless measures that you can take to slow down calcium buildup in your above ground swimming pool; and neither one will cost you a cent!

Why Does Build-Up Happen?

Calcium buildup on swimming pool walls and sides is a direct result of the amount of calcium in the pool’s water. The calcium in the water is often the result of having hard water. Depending on your plumbing, every location geographically has different levels of hardness in the water. The chemicals you use in your pool is also a cause of calcium in your water. If you’re adding chemicals to the water each week for maintenance reasons, you’re probably suffering from calcium buildup.

Brush Your Tile

The first way to majorly slow down calcium buildup in your swimming pool is to brush the tile along the water line on a weekly basis. This simple job can have a huge impact on slowing down the calcium buildup. Taking the time to do this is such a simple task that many pool owners neglect to do that could save them hours of labor and money in the future.

Backwash Frequently

If you backwash your pool often, you’ll slow the buildup of calcium in your above ground pool. Backwashing replaces the saturated water with fresh water.

Follow these two simple hints and you can say farewell to unsightly white lines ringing your pool this summer.