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Great Ideas for Birthday Pool Parties

Every kid loves an awesome party on their birthday; and they’re sure to enjoy one that is centered around an afternoon of swimming in your Kayak above ground pool!

Finding and renting a space, planning and paying for activities for a large group of kids can really start to add up. But having a pool birthday party at your backyard oasis is a great and cost effective way to ensure that your child and their friends have a great time with little impact on your wallet.


Select a Theme

First, you’re going to want to pick out a theme. We recommend picking a theme that relates to swimming and water, but you can totally pull off a princess or super-hero themed party as well if that is what your child would like. Luaus, Beach or Pirate themes are often popular and allow for fun, creative decorations around your pool.


Sending out some fun invitations that specify the theme and let parents know that their child will be swimming. Sending out creative invitations for your swimming pool party can add a lot of flare. Try some of these fun invitation ideas:

  • Send guests party info with messages on inflatable beach balls
  • Party information would look great on a frisbee
  • Every party goer should look cool with party favor shades – send them to guests with party info attached
  • Send buried treasure maps infofor pirate themed parties


Decorations are essential. No matter what the theme is, these beach decoration ideas will help transform your Kayak above ground pool into beachfront property.

  • Who needs table cloths when you have beach towels?
  • String helium balloons to buckets of sand. Perfect centerpiece!
  • Hang blow-up beach balls around the party area.

Good Grub

It’d be a great idea to have some fun food and cake to match the theme and the swimming pool atmosphere. Some fun and delicious ideas include:

  • Hot dogs or hamburgers – party food staple
  • Goldfish crackers are a perfect fit
  • Shell pasta spaghetti
  • Put some swedish fish into blue jello
  • A cake to match the theme

Get Active in the Pool

Next is planning some swimming pool activities. Depending on the group of kids, this could just be swimming or organized games. If you’d like more structure to the party, try some of these fun activities.

  • Water volleyball
  • Penny diving
  • Relay races