A Brief History of Swimming Pools Around The World

Many historians believe that the world’s first swimming pool was The Great Bath found among the ruins of an ancient civilization in Pakistan.

This pool was constructed in the 3rd century BC and made of mud bricks and tar. The Great Bath was roughly 40 feet long, 22 feet wide, and about 8 feet deep. Its original use is unclear but many believe it was used for rituals and religious ceremonies.


In the centuries that followed, other civilizations like Ancient Greece and Rome created pools for bathing and ceremonies. In these societies, pools were not luxuries designed just for bathing, but for beautification and aesthetics too. These pools were frequently built in sports clubs and used for games and exercises.

The development of swimming pools continued on into the 19th century when competitive swim clubs were established in England. These clubs featured indoor swimming pools with diving boards and room for races. In 1856, the first modern Olympic games were held and contained swimming races, so the popularity of pools began to expand.

As the popularity of swimming pools grew around the world, so did the variety of pools. The first above ground swimming pool was built in Pennsylvania at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia in 1907. Interestingly enough, Kayak Pools Midwest supplies Pennsylvania with above ground pools today. As time went on, swimming pools started to become a status symbol. Before long backyard swimming pools were being built all over the United States and today over 10 million swimming pools are in use throughout the country.

Isn’t it fascinating how swimming pools have grown in popularity around the world starting with a large bathing facility in Pakistan? Although the swimming pool technology has changed over the years, pools are still a great source of fun for people all over the world. We’re glad that we can provide the Midwest with the finest quality above ground pools and inground pools without making them out of bricks and tar!