It’s Hot Outside! But Your Above Ground Pool Temperature Stays Just Right!

Maintaining the temperature of your above ground swimming pool can be a bit of a trick depending on where you live.

Environmental effects can have an hostile effect on your swimming pool and the temperature of the water inside of it. Devices such as a pool thermometer, pool heater, solar pool covers, etc. can really help you to monitor and preserve the perfect temperature when it comes to your above ground pool.


Solar Power

For swimming pool owners, solar pool covers for their swimming pool – whether in ground or above – are a must. Solar pool covers are designed to be placed over a swimming pool’s water surface when the swimming pool is not in use. The solar pool cover will attract the energy rays of the sun during the day and convert the heat into raising the temperature of the pool. In the evening, the solar pool cover will keep the warmth that is accrued from the sun’s warmth during the day and will not allow that warmth to escape or water to evaporate into the cool night air. Solar swimming pool covers are relatively inexpensive, and will last for many years if they are properly maintained and do so in an environmentally friendly way.

Gauge the Temperature

Pool thermometers are also a no-brainer buy for any swimming pool owner to help control when a solar pool cover or pool heater needs be used. If the swimming pool water becomes too hot or too cold the pool thermometer will let you know exactly what the current temperature is so you can narrow down a water comfort zone that works for you.

Summers are obviously not the same in all parts of the country and comfortable pool temperatures will vary on region. But having a pool thermometer is the easiest way to decide at what temperature you want to keep your swimming pool water for you and your guests.