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Installing A Pool Heater

We’ve covered pool heater basics as well as the three main types of pool heaters, so it’s now time to focus on the installation process. The easiest, most hassle-free way to install a pool heater of any kind is to hire a professional to do it. However, if you are a devoted (and electrically savvy) do-it-yourselfer, installing a pool heater is absolutely doable.


Heat Pump and Gas Heaters

Installing heat pumps and gas or propane heaters for swimming pools require a lot of similar elements. For these heater installation options you will need first and foremost a smooth, level, solid surface to place the heater on – a concrete slab is best. This location should be near a gas line, for the gas heater. You will also need a hacksaw, PVC piping, valves and fittings.

To be as safe as possible, gas or propane heaters are best installed by someone who knows their way around gas and electric hookups. However, if you have a professional take over on those steps, the rest is possible to DIY. Similarly, heat pumps require electrical wire and voltage tweaking, and should only be done by a professional, if you have no experience. Having a professional execute these components assures prime efficiency of the heater, as well as optimal safety.

Overall, the unpacking, stabilizing and initial set-up of these heaters is fine for a pool owner to complete on his or her own. When it comes to diving into any breaker boxes or wiring, it is best to consult a technician.

Solar Heaters

Solar heater installation is best left to a professional. Some states require special licensing for plumbing and solar contracting, which can be tricky if you want to DIY.

A professional will also be able to easily establish the amount of energy your spot will receive. They will be able to determine the size of the needed solar collectors and the amount of piping required (quite a bit, varying with the distance from the pool). Unlike the gas and heat pump options, solar heater installation will also require you to climb, most likely on your roof – another reason to let a professional handle it!

While it is often very temping to take matters into ones own hands, the installation of a pool heater of any kind is generally safest for those who have electrical experience, or by hiring a professional to handle. Need more information about a heater for your Kayak? Call an authorized Kayak Pools Midwest parts and accessories today at 800.31.KAYAK (800.315.2925).