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Just How Maintenance-Free is a Maintenance-Free Pool?

In the Summer, pop-up thunderstorms often arrive as unexpectedly as a surprise visitor. If you’ve just finished cleaning and vacuuming your pool, a thunderstorm can be an unwelcome sight.

The high winds disturb and kick up all sorts of lawn debris, leaves, insects, and dirt, depositing it in your pool you worked so hard to keep clean. If this sounds like you–maybe it’s time to invest in a maintenance-free Kayak swimming pool. All Kayak pools come with our advanced filtration system, which keeps cleaning time to a minimum, and increases swimming time to the max!

Our three-way filtration system is designed just for our award-winning swimming pools, which are also backed by our 30-year limited warranty. Here’s how we reduce your maintenance to a minimum:

Dual Drain System

All of our pools feature not one, but two main bottom drains, both of which constantly clean and circulate the water. In the event of a blockage, our system even automatically diverts suction away from the blocked drain, ensuring a safe swim for all users of your pool. When the drain automatically shuts itself off due to blockage, whatever has become stuck to the drain will immediately release itself, and the drain will resume cleaning and circulating the water without you even noticing!

Top-Notch Surface Skimmer

While most surface skimmers are features of expensive, in-ground pools only, Kayak includes a top-notch skimmer with all of their swimming pools. Our in-wall skimmer is designed to filter surface debris from your pool constantly, so you don’t have to! Emptying it is also a snap–all you have to do is turn off the pump, remove the basket, and shake or spray out the debris. Taking a minute or two to do this regularly means you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing in your debris-free pool for longer periods of time.

Of course, cleaning your filters, skimmers, and in the case of the storm described above, occasional vacuuming, will ensure that your pool stays maintenance-free and ready for a relaxing weekend, home vacation, birthday celebration, or cookout with family and friends. Let Kayak’s three-way filtration system take care of most of the work without you noticing–instead, let your friends, family, and neighbors notice how clean and inviting your pool looks all summer long!