Kayak Above Ground Pool Advances

Kayak has dedicated nearly a half-century to making their above ground pools the best they can be. Kayak swimming pool technology includes advanced materials, a revolutionary filtration system and built-in safety features make a Kayak above ground pool the last pool you will ever buy!

Kayak above ground pool walls have evolved from the wooden beasts of old into high-strength, energy-efficient, weather-resistant aluminum – swimming pool technology designed to stand the test of time. Specially engineered pool wall structure creates a rock-solid foundation built to support just about anything you can dish out during years and years of splashing around in the pool.

And there will be a lot of splashing around, because Kayak’s three-way filtration system makes their above ground pools virtually maintenance-free. The filtration system features a main bottom drain with an additional second main bottom drain to promote maximum water circulation. A surface skimmer is added to the mix to create an advanced system developed specifically for Kayak above ground pools.

That means a Kayak pool stays cleaner from wall to wall and top to bottom, which means more time playing and relaxing in the pool and less time maintaining it. And yes, constantly vacuuming the pool is a thing of the past!

What’s more, Kayak Pool engineers have developed a built-in atmosphere release system that automatically diverts suction from a blocked drain. This swimming pool advancement is found only on Kayak above ground pools, and is an important built-in safety advance.

And if your concerns extend to pool chemicals, you’ll be glad to know Kayak Pools offers the advanced AutoPilot salt system that eliminates the use of chlorine in their swimming pools – an advancement that has helped many families who have chlorine allergies enjoy the benefits of a backyard vacation. This environmentally safe, energy efficient system operates on natural salt – there’s no need to buy or store chlorine – ever! It’s better for the environment, better for your skin and hair, and an all-natural way to chlorinate your pool.

Above ground pools are becoming ever more popular as the best choice in swimming pools due to the advancements made in swimming pool technology and construction through the years. Kayak Pools is proud to bring you the most durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance swimming pool that money can buy.