Losing Water?

Within a 24 hour period, if your above ground pool is losing more than 5/8 of an inch of water, you probably have a leak or significant concern on your hands with water loss.  Additionally, during summertime, many pools lose at least 1/2 of an inch per day because of evaporation loss. So don’t freak out and start scouring for leaks just yet.

Confirm the Leak

The first thing you should do is make sure a leak is actually taking place. Here’s how to tell: take a piece of electrical tape and place it on the inside of your pool wall at the ater line.  After 24 hours check the water line and measure to see if there’s more than 5/8 inch water loss in your swimming pool.

Check the O-Ring

Once you have confirmed the water loss is more than evaporation, start by checking the most likely source of the leak. Turn the equipment on and check the backwash hose to see if any water coming out. It’s extremely common for a backwash o-ring to wear out; which can cause water to settle out of the backwash valve.

A new o-ring set costs about $10 at your local retail store.  However, if you must replace the o-ring, replace the entire set, not just the faulty one. This will save you some headache later.

Check the Skimmer

Check for any cracks at/in the skimmer as well as any water spots around in the yard.  As we’ve stated in earlier blog posts, a solar blanket can go a long way in keeping the water in your pool from evaporating. If you are experiencing less than a 5/8 inch water loss, try using a solar blanket on your swimming pool and see if that helps.