How to Make Your Pool Party the Talk of the Neighborhood

If you own a pool, make this summer one to remember by hosting friends and family at a pool party. Pools are a great way to bring people together to enjoy the sun, and they lend imaginative party theme ideas. Incorporate these ideas into your pool party using many items you might already have around your home.

Make Pool Water Punch

A silly yet refreshing touch to any pool party is blue pool water punch. Mix blue Hawaiian Punch with lemonade for a blue-green beverage with a sweet flavor. Put the punch in a transparent beverage dispenser with a handmade sign so guests can clearly see what it is. They will get a kick out of it!

Host a Water Olympics TournamentMovie Screen in Pool

Throw some friendly competition into your party with a water Olympics tournament. Using items you have on hand, create games like ring toss or a bottom of the pool treasure hunt. Set up a net in the middle of the pool for water volleyball. Let the kids come up with their own games to add to the lineup, and encourage guests of all ages to participate. Keep score on a white board so everyone can keep track. Make medals out of candy wrappers, paper and glitter or anything you can find.

Make Pool-Themed Treats

No party would be complete without a table of yummy treats. Cleverly turn ordinary candy into pool gear with labels and a stretch of imagination. Put multicolored licorice in a jar labeled “pool noodles” or set out a display of gummy rings labeled as “pool floats.” Make beach balls on a stick by adding colorful stripes to cake pops covered in white chocolate. Use beach toys like sand castle molds and mini shovels as serving vessels for chips and other goodies. Use your imagination and turn anything into a beach- or pool-themed snack.

Host a Runway Show

Young children with an eye for fashion will love the chance to strut their stuff along the long pool walkway. Plan silly outfits and snap plenty of pictures as they pose. Play pop music through your patio sound system or portable speaker to help them get into it, and encourage as much silliness as possible! You end the event with one final pose as the kids hold hands and jump in the pool together.

Screen a Movie

During the day, the pool makes a great place to play in the sun, but, at night, it can turn into a relaxing space to slow things down. Hang a white sheet above the far end of the pool and project a movie over the water for a memorable entertainment experience. Make a large batch of popcorn and serve it in classic movie theater bags for a fun touch. Cater to the kids with water-themed adventures like “Finding Nemo”’ or show a double-feature for a full-night event. Your movie night may become so popular that you make it a weekly tradition!

Try out these party ideas or use your imagination to come up with your own. Look around your house for anything that could be used to make a party theme. Consider who you want to invite and what kinds of activities and food they would enjoy. You are sure to make an unforgettable impact that people will be talking about for years.