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Meet The World’s Biggest, Baddest Swimming Dinosaur

Recently, paleontologists (scientists who study fossils) were working on a site in the Sahara Desert of Morocco and discover fossils belonging to the largest predator to ever live.


The most interesting part about this dinosaur, Spinosaurus, was that it preferred to swim rather than travel on land.  Spinosaurus got its name from the 7-foot tall spikes that came out of its back. It also had giant teeth and claws like a T-Rex that it used to hunt and eat its prey. By studying the fossils from Morocco, scientists found that Spinosaurus’s nostril position and its body proportions made it well suited for swimming (like an alligator). Spending so much time in the water made it evident that this powerful dinosaur’s diet consisted of sharks and other car-sized fish. While Spinosaurus, which was over 50 feet long, might not have been able to fit inside a Kayak pool, it’s pretty clear this huge predator shares the same love for swimming that we have. As cool as it would be to see one of these dinosaurs in the wild, it’s probably a good thing that nothing this big and terrifying is hanging around the local swimming hole anymore. You can see a replica of Spinosaurus along with an extensive exhibit on the beast at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C.