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Opening Up Your Pool: How Soon is Too Soon?

Snowstorms and below freezing temperatures have all of us dreaming of the first dip in the pool. But when is the right time to take off the cover and dive in? How soon is too soon?

Earlier is Better

When it comes to opening your pool, sooner is better than later. There are no set rules for pool opening, and the exact time highly depends on your region of the country. Mid-March is fine after a milder winter, while April is better after a colder season.

But any Midwesterner knows that trying to predict the weather in the heartland is futile. In simplest terms, look for consistency. You want to be sure that your area is free of frost. If you happen to open a little too early, leave the pump running and reinstall your pool cover until the weather warms up again.

Save Time–And Money

The benefits of opening your pool earlier rather than later are nearly infinite. An early opening can save you effort, time, and most importantly, money!

By opening in cooler weather, you reduce your chances of terrible algae accumulation. Pool algae thrive on two things: sun and warm water. Many protective pool covers – such as those made of mesh – let in sun, which warms up the water. If you wait until late April or May (Indiana experienced temperatures in the 90s in May 2012), you may discover a swamp upon removing your pool cover.

A swampy pool will require more work, not to mention chemical purchases, than one that was opened in cooler weather. Aside from an easier cleanup, an earlier pool opening will allow more time to inspect for faulty parts that may need replacing, or to add any fun new accessories.

First Pool Party of the Season

The most important thing to remember when considering your pool’s timeframe is consistently mild weather. Keeping an eye on your grass and plants is a helpful tip. If your lawn is growing, the algae in your pool probably are as well – so get to it!

You may be hesitant to let the motor run those few extra weeks, but that cost will likely be less than the chemicals you’d have to purchase to rid your pool of severe algae. Besides, if last year’s season was an indicator, April may hit the mid-80s, and who wouldn’t want to host the first pool party of the year?