Planning Your Memorial Day Pool Party!

Did you know that Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day?

The exact origin of this holiday that we celebrate the fourth Monday of every May is disputed among a handful of towns. However, on May 30, 1868, General John A. Logan declared the day one to decorate the headstones of those who gave their lives in the Civil War.

While this day will always be one to remember those who serve our country, today Memorial Day also marks the beginning of summer for most of us – that means barbecues, picnics, the end of the school year and of course, pool parties. The following tips will help you plan and Decorate your own Memorial Day celebration.


Keep It Clean

The first thing you ought to do in preparation for your Memorial Day pool party is to make sure your pool is in pristine condition! Kayak’s advanced filtration system – dual bottom drains and a surface skimmer – make this part easy.  Make sure your chemicals are balanced, and if you decide to shock the pool, be sure to leave a large enough window before guest arrival.

Keep It Colorful

There is no such thing as being too patriotic on Memorial Day – so go all out with the red, white and blue details, and don’t forget your flag! And though it’s always the day before Memorial Day, if you or your guests are racing fans, working the Indianapolis 500 into your theme is another fun idea (e.g. black and white checkered details, and a radio or TV tuned to the race).

Festive Invitations

Don’t just tweet or mass text your guests about the party, as these forms of communication are easy to gloss over.  If you don’t want to spend much time on an invite, use a simple web-based service, such as Evite. Choose a patriotic template, input the party information and guests’ email addresses, and the invite will be delivered to their inboxes.

Though if you’re feeling a little more festive and ambitious, make and mail your own invitations. Then, you can decorate to your party’s theme as much as you’d like; utilize the shape of a waving flag for postcards, or simply choose a red, white, and blue design.

Stars and Sounds

The entertainment portion of your party will depend on your crowd. Is it an adult party? Or are the kids coming along? Fireworks are popular with most crowds, so put on a small firework show for your guests as the sun goes down. Provide sparklers for the children (and adults!) to use with supervision.

Also, don’t forget the music. Music can really make or break the party ambiance, so know your audience’s general taste. If you’d rather not spend much time selecting music, play classic Americans summer tunes, like the Beach Boys. You could also browse Spotify, and use someone else’s pool party playlist.

Man the Grill

If you want to really wow your guests, make sure you have someone manning the grill at all times. Serve burgers, ribs and hot dogs – all traditional, yummy American summer foods! If you prefer something low-maintenance, prepare sandwiches, sliders and a variety of kabobs (shrimp, fruit, chicken) in advance. Fruit is also a refreshing snack, and will help guests stay hydrated.  Dessert is a no-brainer – patriotic rocket pops!

If last year’s record-breaking temperatures are any indication, be sure to have water available to guests, so that they stay hydrated. For the adults, serve classic American brews. Lemonade and iced tea are always summertime favorites.

Don’t Overcomplicate It

Planning a Memorial Day pool party doesn’t have to be complicated. Stick to the American traditions you know, and simply enjoy the commemorative day with friends and family.