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Pool Dealer Questions

Look Before You Leap (Into the Pool):
Pool Dealer Questions

Purchase and installation of a swimming pool can be a significant investment. Much like an auto purchase or home renovation, a swimming pool purchase is not something you can simply hand over to just anyone. Here are some common sense pool builder questions you should review before entering into a contract.


There’s no substitute for it. Your swimming pool dealer should be able to document the sales and installation experience of at least three swimming pools in your area. Some pool dealers, like Kayak Pools Midwest, operate an ongoing Home Demo Site program that allows prospective customers to see actual pools in place in the region.

But beyond the physical requirements of your pool, the pool dealer should also be able to discuss every aspect of the purchase and installation process; including your budget, the types of material and machinery used in the installation and within the pool structure, available financing alternatives, and even help you choose the style that’s right for you and your family.

Ultimately, a reputable pool dealer listens well and takes action on your behalf.


Sometimes the idea of swimming pool installation is so big, other details can get lost in the shuffle. Try these pool dealer questions: Does your builder help you understand how the pool fits into your available space? Do they offer decking options and safety features like fencing and fold-up stairs? What about slides and diving boards? How much will annual maintenance of the swimming pool cost? What features and benefits of the pool are consumer-friendly?

Don’t forget to ask your dealer if they belong to The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, a nationwide service organization that sets stringent guidelines for qualified swimming pool dealers, which certifies:

  • Construction standards approved by the American National Standards Institute.
  • APSP workmanship standards.
  • Government regulatory requirements.
  • Compaction, excavation and soil.
  • Stabilization techniques.
  • Heaters, decks and other accessories.

Remember, a swimming pool is a long-term investment with years of wet, wonderful return. The more you know about your swimming pool dealer and builders, the better you’ll feel about diving into the world of swimming pool ownership.