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Pool Etiquette 101

Pools bring people together, but they can also drive them apart. Discourteous pool guests can threaten the safety of others or make them feel uncomfortable. Throwing someone unbidden into a pool can cause injuries and hurt feelings. Here are some basic rules of etiquette all pool guests should know when visiting pools, both public and private.

Safetpool etiquettey First

The American Red Cross suggests these safety rules.

  • Make sure everyone knows how to swim.
  • Supervise children at all times. Have inexperienced swimmers wear a life jacket.
  • Always walk around the pool.
  • Only dive when you have adult permission and supervision.
  • Pool owners should keep water clear and install barriers so no one swims without permission.

Any time new people come to your pool, make sure they know the rules. Post them by your pool and make sure your kids can explain them to their friends.

Proper Swimwear

Consider others when you dress for the pool. Wear a swimsuit that fits well, even when you jump and swim. Cutoffs or other loose clothing weigh you down and might catch on things they shouldn’t.


It’s tempting to splash your friends and family members. If someone asks you to stop, don’t do it anymore. If you’re at a public pool, be aware of who you’re splashing. It’s never a good idea to splash people you don’t know, especially if they’re young children.

Splashing also wastes water. If you own your pool, make it a rule that only allows splashing in the middle so your water stays in and your swimmers stay happy.

Get Out to Go

When you have to use the restroom, don’t do it in the pool. Get out and go find a bathroom to show courtesy to other swimmers.

If you bring toddlers to the pool, make sure they’re in swim diapers. Regular diapers absorb huge amounts of water that weigh a baby down. They also don’t hold everything in, so if something happens while they’re in the pool, it might escape.

Stay in Your Lane

Be courteous when others are swimming laps. Stay in your lane, and if you’re passing another swimmer, pass on the left.

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