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Guarding Your Pool From Severe Weather and Storms

lightning storm

As any resident of the Midwest knows, severe weather is fairly common during the summer.

Although there’s nothing we can do to prevent storms from happening, there are steps that every pool owner should know in protecting their investment from damage. Storms can often flood swimming pools or deposit a large amount of debris, so it’s important to know how to handle these issues when they happen.

Include your pool in your homeowner’s insurance policy

Before any storm hits, protect your investment by properly insuring your swimming pool. Storms are inevitable and while following the steps we’ve included below can prevent some damage, there are times when you can only rely on an insurance policy for protection.

Never empty your pool

There are numerous stories we’ve heard of people who have emptied their pools in preparation for a major storm or natural disaster. This is one of the worst things that you can do to a pool before a storm. Depending on their location, empty swimming pools can sometimes be lifted off of their foundations during storms, experience cracking and buckling of structural components, or even collapse. Even if you expect a large amount of rain or flooding, your pool will be in much better shape if you leave it full.

Protecting your cover, liner, and pool deck

Obviously bad storms will often bring down tree branches or toss around loose objects that can damage your pool. When a storm is brewing, avoid putting the cover over your pool. Although it may be instinctive to put the cover over your pool, fallen branches and loose objects being tossed on top of it can easily damage this cover. Furthermore, strong winds can literally rip your cover right off of your pool causing much more damage than you anticipated. Covers really don’t do a whole lot for keeping debris out of a pool in a storm, so go without it.

You’ll also want to make sure any moveable objects around your pool are secured. Pool furniture, lawn decorations, grills, and other outdoor items are light enough to be blown into a pool or across the deck. Don’t risk damaging the deck or tearing your pool liner. Secure these items before the storm hits.

Protecting your pool equipment

Your pool equipment like the pump, heater, or filter is very vulnerable in severe weather and needs to be protected properly. When a storm is coming into your area, make sure that you power down your pool equipment to protect it from electrical problems like power surges. Covering your pool equipment with some kind of covering is a good idea as well because it will protect things from heavy rain and debris.

Keeping your pool clean after the storm

After a storm it’s a good idea to shock your pool and balance it’s chemistry to eliminate the algae causing debris that may get blown into your pool. The sooner after the storm that you properly treat your pool, the less work you’ll be dealing with later. Your pool doesn’t have to be left cloudy from a storm, treat it properly and keep enjoying your pool after the storm has passed.

Obviously storms are an inevitable part of living in the Midwest. Although it’s important to protect your pool from storms, it’s far more important to protect your family. Always make sure that you take the necessary precautions in a storm so that you and your family stays safe.