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Saving Money at the Pump…Swimming Pool Pump That is

There are a wide variety of costs when talking about operating an above ground swimming pool and pumps are somewhere at the top of that list.

Swimming pool pumps can cost sixty dollars or more EACH MONTH in electricity costs alone if you’re running it constantly – depending on how much your electricity company charges and the size of your pool.

When it comes to the size of your swimming pool pump, circulation of the water is key. You want your pump to turn over or “move” every gallon of water in your Kayak above ground swimming pool about every eight hours or so.

Our maintenance-free pumps make sure that that happens in your swimming pool ensuring that you only have to run the pump 8 hours at a time. That will save you a lot of money if you are someone who in the past runs their pump 24 hours a day. This will end up cutting your bill to 1/3 of what it you are currently spending. Using a better filter and proper water chemistry and sanitation can help you cut back on the amount of time you spend running your swimming pool pump as well.

A good number of power companies have peak and off-peak rates for when they charge. This means that it will obviously save you money to run your pump during the off peak hours. Investing in a good pool timer is a good idea for any above ground swimming pool owner.

There are many timers out there for sale, and if you want to save big you should invest in one for both your pump and your pool cleaner pump. Then you will be able to run your swimming pool pump for 4 hours during peak times and 4 hours during off peak times without compromising your pool water clarity. Timers also help to increase the life of your swimming pool pump’s motor since the motor will no be working for fewer hours per day.

So try these ideas on your above ground swimming pool and start saving big money this summer!