School’s Out! Ten Summer Pool Rules

A key component to summer fun is safety! Establishing and enforcing a set of rules for the family pool will ensure a season’s worth of fun memories. The following are some of our favorite swimming pool rules:

Adults Allowed!

Children shouldn’t be in or around water unsupervised. Don’t depend on floaties, other flotation devices, or even swim lessons when children are present. With very young children practice “touch supervision,” which means being within an arm’s length at all times. Even inexperienced swimmers, despite his or her age, should have supervision.


Storm Season

There’s no harm in a small passing shower–but as soon as a storm seems to be rolling in, or if someone hears thunder, everyone should clear out of the water. Pop-up storms can roll through quickly, and then you can jump back into the pool!

Take Potty Breaks

This applies mostly to younger kids, but make it a habit to take bathroom breaks once an hour. Too many accidents in the pool can throw off the pH balance, making chlorine less effective.

Walk Don’t Run

Though Kayak Pools Midwest’s decks are built to be slip-resistant, running where there is water on the ground is never a good idea. Many other above-ground pool decks are made of wood, and in-ground pools are typically surrounded by concrete – both slippery materials.Save your energy for your swimming stroke!

Keep It Tidy

All toys should be cleaned up and put away after each swim session. Not only does this keep the area looking tidy, it’ll prevent temptation for children to reach in for them, and keep them from possibly blowing away with the wind!

Use The Safety Ladders

Ladders make it easier to get out of the pool–and are safer than lifting yourself out by the deck. When not being used, safety ladders should be removed or put in the proper safety position. Kayak’s safety ladders tilt upward toward the pool deck, and feature a locking device for added security.

Check The Gate!

Remind swimmers to check the pool gate upon exiting to be sure the latched has closed. And as a rule of thumb, the gate to the pool area should never be propped open! Always closed.

A Friendly Tip

Though not a law in every state, every pool should include a full-perimeter fence. This is a Kayak Pools Midwest staple feature that is included in each pool package. Kayak’s fences are 36 inches high with pickets faced 4 inches apart – perfect for keeping little ones and animals away from the water.

Dive into water safety with your family – remember to discuss appropriate pool behaviors not only when the swim season begins, but throughout as well!