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Seven Reasons to Choose an Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above ground pools offer a different option and work well for thousands of families across the country. These pools are cheaper and come with less maintenance than in-ground pools while still providing your family with the same amount of summer fun and relief from the hot weather. Above ground pools are especially beneficial for families who don’t have warm weather year-round.

Here are the top seven reasons to choose an above ground pool:


Above ground pools are an affordable option for families. If you choose an above ground pool, you could save yourself thousands on the cost of installation. The extra money saved can be used for more landscaping or decking around the pool. Above ground pools tend to be smaller than in-ground pools. This aspect will save you money on chemicals and maintenance in the future.

Installation Time

Above ground pool installations can happen surprisingly quickly. Instead of going through the trouble of digging for an in-ground pool, which can take weeks, an above ground pool requires very little preparation. The installation team needs to level the ground, place patio blocks for the installation of the pool uprights and bottom the base, bond the pool and install a filter system. Some above ground pools are installed in as little as one day.

Safetyabove ground pool

Above ground pools are safer than in-ground pools. An above ground pool can prohibit small children or pets in your home or neighborhood from falling into the pool. If you decide to build a deck around the pool, you can easily install a gate with a latch to prevent any accidents. These features allow you to regulate who is using the pool and keeps your family safe.


Many people believe that if they opt for an above ground pool, they sacrifice any added features that come with an in-ground pool. This is a common misconception because above ground pools can come equipped with diving boards, waterfalls or slides to add to your swimming experience. They also come in a variety of sizes depending on how many people you expect to be using the pool at a time and the size of your yard.


Both types of pools require a pump, filter, and chemicals. Above ground pools are typically smaller than in-ground pools, therefore requiring fewer chemicals throughout the year. A smaller pool with only one level of depth is also easier to clean. Above ground pools are an exciting alternative for families who want all the benefits of a backyard pool, but may not have the additional hours required for typical maintenance of an in-ground pool.

Not a Big Commitment

An in-ground pool requires a big commitment. You will be changing the structure and layout of your yard by digging out the land. An above ground pool only needs a flat area of land to install the pool. If your family decides they no longer want to maintain the pool in the future, the pool can be easily removed, restoring your yard to its initial condition.

Fun for the Whole Family

An above ground pool offers a fun and relaxing time for the whole family. The easy maintenance means less time on upkeep and more time enjoying it. You will have the flexibility to enhance landscaping and decking options, making it a beautiful addition to your yard. Above ground pools are an interesting option for families looking for an alternative to costly, high maintenance in-ground pools.