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Solar Heater: Going Green Never Looked So Good!

Worried about chilly nights and cloudy days ruining your backyard fun this summer? A solar heater could be a great and cost effective option for keeping your above ground swimming pool a comfortable temperature as well as extending the season.

Not convinced? Consider the following reasons from POCO Solar Energy’s Blog:

• The system relies on the sun to warm the water in your swimming pool. And since the sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, you can have a heated pool almost year round.

• Using the sun to heat your above ground pool will extend the warm-water swimming season. Considering that a solar heating system can increase the temperature of the water in your swimming pool by around 15 degrees, your pool can still be the your great escape when the weather outside turns cold.

• A solar heating system doesn’t just heat your above ground swimming pool. It can also keep your pool cool in the summer by running the water in your pool through the solar panels at night.

• You’ll be making the environmentally friendly choice. You won’t be using any resources other than the natural resources inherent in sunshine. Harness the sun’s power, and there’s no clean up and no byproducts.

• Solar is a cost-effective means of heating your above ground pool. Say goodbye to spending money on electricity or gas to heat your pool, which have been the ways most people have heated their swimming pools and is very expensive!

• Consider the re-sale value of your home. Offering a swimming pool that does not cost a lot to heat may be why someone decides to buy your home instead of someone else’s home.

• A solar heating system requires little maintenance and upkeep, which is great in terms of costs associated with maintaining other systems, but also means you’ll have few (if any) days when your pool is out of commission.

• The U.S. Department of Energy suggests swimming pool owners go solar to heat their pools, as such a system is a cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption. Also, according to the Department of Energy, a solar heating system is the best investment a swimming pool owner can make.


So don’t be stuck inside if the air gets a bit nippy. Be able to enjoy your Kayak above ground swimming pool longer this season and in comfort.