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Spring Landscaping Around Your Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are a source of fun and excitement for people of all ages. Everyone enjoys having a place to relax and cool off on a hot summer day. What many homeowners are concerned about, however, is the best way to landscape around the pool so that the yard looks beautiful and complete. No matter your aesthetic preference, there are a variety of ways to integrate your pool into your backyard. Here are some easy decorating tips to help make any above ground pool fit perfectly:


Landscaping Ground Material

There are typically three main materials people consider when looking to decorate the area around their above ground pools. Each of these materials has its own advantages depending on the resources and desires of the homeowners.

Gravel or Rock

Gravel or rock can be a perfect element to cover the area around a pool. It is aesthetically pleasing, there are a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes available to choose from, and it can add quite a bit of beauty to a well-designed backyard. Those doing the decorating, however, should be aware that this material can be heavy. It is necessary periodically to drain pools to replace liners, clean, and other routine tasks. If a landscaper adds too many stones, they can allow for excessive weight to press against the pool. Without the water on the inside pushing back out, the pool walls can be damaged. If this option is selected, it is a good idea to only use about one to two inches of gravel.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are also commonly selected, and for an obvious reason: they look fantastic. Unfortunately, those with vinyl pools should beware that they are also a perfect breeding ground for ants and termites which can slowly eat holes through the walls or floor of the pool and cause parts to need replacement. Luckily, Kayak’s above ground pools feature aluminum walls, so termites aren’t an issue you need worry about.

Pine Straw

Many people do not think of pine straw first because it is not as pretty as the other options, but in terms of practicality it can be excellent. It is light, cheap, and easy to replace when needed. Some people even love the look.

Plant Life

When deciding what direction to go with the plant life, it is important to first consider the goal of the landscaping. Is the homeowner looking to obscure the pool or accent it? If the goal is to obscure it, it may be a good idea to use small trees, shrubs, and similar plants around the outside of the pool. Other people may prefer to simply accent the pool. Low-lying plants and bushes can provide colorful accents to the pool and help add some style to the yard as a whole. Keep in mind that plants who shed lots of leaves, blossoms, flowers, or branches can add additional debris if near your pool.

Landscaping around an above ground pool might sound like an intimidating prospect, but by taking the small steps of choosing the best ground cover and deciding the types of plant life that would fit best can go a long way in making the pool into part of the yard. Above ground pools are fun and refreshing ways to enjoy warm weather, and it doesn’t hurt when they look fantastic as well.