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Storing Your Pool Chemicals

Keeping swimming pool water clean is part of creating a safe environment for friends and family. Just as important, though, is the storage of chemicals and tools used to maintain a pool, as they can pose a danger to people, animals, and even the environment. Keeping your pool supplies stored safely is a key part of the peace of mind you’ll have while relaxing with your family in your pool.

The following are recommendations for conditions and qualities for proper pool chemical storage:

Location, Location, Location

Pool chemicals should generally be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated area away from children, animals and other flammable materials.

Though convenient, never store pool chemicals in the pump box. The best choice is somewhere that can be locked, such as a locker or in a cabinet that can be secured with a padlock. Low cabinets are best, to prevent accidental contact, which can provoke leaking, spills, or make it difficult to access items when you need to use them. But if a locked cabinet is not an option, store chemicals on higher shelves that are inaccessible to children. Do not store chemicals on top of each other.

Labels, Use, and Other Precautions

  • Read. It might seem obvious, but be sure to read directions carefully. If the chemical requires special storage, it’ll be noted on the label. If you don’t understand all or part of the directions, ask a pool chemical supplier or technician for clarity.
  • Clearly label all chemicals. Keep chemicals in their original containers, and never refill empty ones.
  • Use caution during and after every use. Never add chemicals while swimmers are in the pool, and clear children out of the area. Leaving for a weekend trip, or dropping the kids off at camp? Times away from the pool are good opportunities to chemically balance your pool.
  • Use safety goggles and gloves if the label calls for them. Always add the substance towater, and never the other way around. The latter could cause an unwanted chemical reaction. If there is a chemical spill, respond immediately according to the label instructions.
  • Securely close and store the container–every time–and make sure to wash your hands. Never reuse containers, as chemical residue inside could still mix and produce unknown results, and be sure to safely and properly dispose of any leftovers.

Pool chemical storage may seem like common sense to pool owners, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook what seems obvious. Follow these tips and you’ll have a more relaxing time pool-side knowing that all your supplies are safely stowed away.