Swimming Pool Accessories for Added Water Fun

You’ve already bought inflatables and innertubes, water basketball and squirt-guns. But when it comes to your swimming pool accessories, you’ve been wondering “what more can I do to spice up our swimming pool fun?” You might be surprised at all the pool accessories and accents you haven’t thought of-available at most qualified above ground swimming pool or inground swimming pool dealers.

Here are a few swimming pool accessory suggestions to get you started:

  • Floating Pool Lanterns: Add ambiance and atmosphere to your swimming pool with floating lanterns. Available in several shapes and colors, these candlelit lanterns are the perfect accent for children’s pool parties or a romantic evening in the pool.
  • Waterproof iPod Case: Keep jamming even when you’re underwater. It’s the perfect swimming pool accessory for music lovers who want to keep their toes tapping while swimming. There are waterproof cases for nearly every version of the iPod and many other handheld music players.
  • Swimming Pool Dye: What about a swimming pool filled with purple water? Or red? Non-toxic swimming pool dyes can be used in virtually any above ground or inground swimming pool. Transform your pool to a new color in minutes. These dyes typically last 3-5 days.
  • Waterproof Playing Cards: Just because you’re swimming doesn’t mean you can’t play cards. Play Texas hold ‘em, euchre, or go fish in your swimming pool with waterproof cards sure to “draw” rave reviews as a clever pool accessory.
  • Fountain: A battery powered fountain can be added to any above ground or inground swimming pool. Perfect for kids, or kids at heart, who want to splash around. Also an ideal swimming pool accessory for creating a tropical setting.
  • Color Changing Lights: Underwater lights are a fun accessory for any swimming pool. Available in a variety of colors – lights can dramatically alter your traditional pool appearance and create a one-of-a-kind look.
  • Dog Lounger: Man’s best friend floats right along side you with this fun swimming pool accessory. A dog lounger fits most sized dogs and is similar to the rafts humans use, though your pooch will likely need a little help getting into one.

For atmosphere, ambiance, or just a silly quest for additional swimming pool fun, , there are many swimming pool accessories suitable for above ground or inground swimming pools. See your authorized swimming pool dealer for ways you can spice up your backyard vacation with clever swimming pool accessories and accents.