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Awesome Pool Toys for 2014

We all know that swimming is a great summer activity and having a backyard pool can make a summer even better. However, just swimming in the same pool each and every day can get old after a while. Fortunately there are some awesome new additions you can make to your pool to get the most out of summer 2014. 

toys climbing wall

Swimming Pool Climbing Wall

It’s not Acapulco but this poolside climbing wall is a great alternative to a slide or diving board, especially if you’re looking to save space. The swimming pool climbing wall has holds and contours just like the climbing walls you would find at a local climbing gym. The only difference is that whenever you are ready to come down, you can simply jump off and land with a splash! These walls even promote fitness and upper body strength adding one more exercise option to your pool.
toys pool movie

Floating Big Screen For Movies

Sometimes you need more than tiki torches to extend your pool party well into the night. That’s why owning one of these giant floating movie screens can be a great addition to your pool. Now you can cool off in your swimming pool and watch your favorite kids classic, zombie thriller, or romantic comedy with your friends. All you need is the inflatable movie screen and a projector to turn your swimming pool into a cinema. Talk about a Dive-In Movie!

toys golf set

Swimming Pool Golf Set

You can avoid bogeying your pool party by turning your backyard escape into a golf hole. With this toy, you can hit floating golf balls from the pool deck and try to land them on the floating green in the pool. Just don’t hit it into the water hazard or you’ll end up with a penalty stroke.

toys poker table

Floating Poker Table

You’ve got to know when to hold, know when to fold out, know when to swim away… You can now get in a friendly game of poker while cooling off in your swimming pool. This poker table floats on the surface of the water and even comes with chips and cards that are waterproof. Since the house always wins, maybe it’s not a bad idea to invite some friends over to play a friendly game of poker so you can pay for your pool chemicals for the summer.

toys iceberg

Inflatable Iceberg

We had to laugh when we first saw this giant inflatable iceberg but after think about it for a minute, having one of these bad boys would be really awesome. No it won’t cool your pool off and it isn’t three times bigger below the surface than above, but talk about a pool toy your friends will be talking about for a long time. These inflatable icebergs feature a climbing wall and a water slide that are sure to provide some serious fun for your guests. Just make sure you take turns with the penguins.

toys bumper boats

Inflatable Bumper Boats

We don’t know about you but one of our favorite ride at the amusement park is the bumper boats and we’re excited that you can now turn your swimming pool into that very thing with these bumper boats. They come with built in motors and can handle adults weighing up to 200 pounds. If you’re looking to turn your backyard pool into a carnival, these are definitely for you!