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Temporary or Permanent?

Answer these questions to find out whether a temporary or permanent swimming pool is the right solution for your family’s needs.

True or false? Buying a swimming pool is similar to buying a car – I’m making a serious investment for the next few years.

Purchasing a permanent swimming pool is similar to purchasing a car. Not only can prices be comparable to buying a vehicle, but like a car, permanent swimming pools require regular maintenance in order to continue operating in optimal shape. A permanent swimming pool is an investment – And with a little TLC will give you years and years of enjoyment. Temporary pools are generally less costly but unfortunately require more maintenance. The price of temporary pools is generally affordable enough that it can be a worthwhile purchase even if used for only one season.

True or false? I am interested in buying a swimming pool that will stay in my backyard year-round.

A permanent pool will stay in your backyard year-round. Closing procedures are done to prepare the pool for a winter of non-use), followed by opening procedures the spring. Temporary pools are made of less sturdy materials (sometimes they’re even just inflatable) and can be disassembled and stored inside for winter.

True or false? I’m willing to spend at least $5,000 for a swimming pool that is right for me and my family.

A quality permanent swimming pool typically costs at least $5,000 – and that price continues to go up depending on type, brand and size of the pool. Temporary pools will cost much less, sometimes even in the sub-$1,000 range depending on type and quality, but require more work and long term expense. Worth considering when buying a pool for you and your family.