The Early Bird Gets The Swimming Pool

If you’ve been considering the purchase of an above ground swimming pool or and inground pool , and think that it’s too early to start planning or previewing your swimming pool options, think again.

Taking advantage of early season discounts, unique above ground pool dealer incentives, inventory carry-overs and advanced financing options can all combine to provide you and your family with significant cost savings, as well as the added benefit of being first in the pool this spring.

Installation of a swimming pool can happen as soon as ground conditions allow for safe construction—generally when temperatures begin to remain consistently above 40 degrees.

But even if that time arrives later in the spring season where you live, there are plenty of reasons to start thinking about the purchase of your above ground pool early:


Try as we may, not all of the previous year’s inventory of high quality swimming pools may have been sold. Many above ground pool dealers will discount previous year or discontinued models for purchase during the upcoming pool season.


Dealer based incentives can also significantly lower the swimming pool investment. Indianapolis swimming pool dealer Kayak Pools Midwest, for example, offers a unique program for pool enthusiasts called “Demo Homesites” where swimming pool buyers agree to allow a limited number of “demos” to show other prospective buyers the value, convenience and all out fun of owning an above ground pool. In exchange for participating in this season-long, one year program, consumers can save thousands of dollars on their swimming pool.


Even with potentially discounted inventories and pool dealer incentives, many homeowners choose to finance their swimming pool and purchase using traditional credit or home equity. Turning your attention to these details early on in the season will help to insure that you’re ready to go the moment Mother Nature allows.

In this case, the Early Bird can get the pool—with a little prior planning, a smoothly financed installation with potentially big savings can combine for a memorable and full first year of owning a swimming pool.